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Kim Kardashian Embarrassed Over Ex-Husband Kanye West's Shameful Actions in Italy

Kim Kardashian Embarrassed Over Ex-Husband Kanye West's Shameful Actions in Italy

Kim Kardashian Embarrassed Over Ex-Husband Kanye West's Shameful Actions in Italy
Kim Kardashian Embarrassed Over Ex-Husband Kanye West's Shameful Actions in Italy
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Kim Kardashian finds herself in a state of deep embarrassment and concern over the recent actions of her ex-husband Kanye West. 

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The reality TV star, aged 42, who shares four children with the rapper, 46, is troubled by his recent escapades in Italy with his new supposed wife, Bianca Censori. A source disclosed to The Sun that Kim feels something is amiss and frets about how to explain the situation to their kids. The rapper's recent exposure of his naked buttocks during an intimate boat ride with Bianca in Venice has sparked criticism and calls for their arrest due to indecent exposure. Bianca's provocative attire has also raised local eyebrows.

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The insider stated, "'Kim's been so worried about the new pics that have come out with Bianca - like how will she explain it all to the kids?' She's embarrassed and worried for him - he's wandering around barefoot with champagne in the street, something clearly isn't right." The insider likely referred to recent images of Kanye strolling shoeless through the streets with a bottle while Bianca's revealing nude catsuit left little to the imagination. The situation proves challenging for Kim, who tries to move on but gets pulled back by these unsettling incidents. It reminds everyone of Kim's own past fashion choices during her marriage to Kanye, something she wishes to leave behind.

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Kanye often referred to Kim as his "muse" and heavily influenced her fashion sense. The Kardashian star initiated divorce proceedings from the musician in February 2021. The former couple has four children together: North, 10; Psalm, four; Saint, seven; and Chicago, five.

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Kanye and Bianca's recent visit to Venice has caused quite a stir. Their latest outing showcased Kanye going even further, baring his naked buttocks during a boat ride, much to the amusement of onlookers. The couple, seemingly oblivious to the curious tourists snapping photos, displayed affectionate behavior. However, their boundary-pushing public displays have raised eyebrows and scandalized Italian locals.

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Bianca, an Australian architect, has faced backlash for her provocative attire during the trip. She has donned a series of skin-tight nude bodysuits that some conservative locals deem "public indecency." Kanye, initially covered in all-black attire, walked hand-in-hand with Bianca through the city, his face obscured by a scarf. Once on board the boat, both shed layers: Bianca ditched her trench coat for a strapless outfit, and Kanye lowered his pants, exposing his bare behind.

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Their overtly amorous behavior was on full display as tourists aboard other boats captured the spectacle. Despite the public gaze, Kanye and Bianca remained unflustered. This isn't their first brush with controversy during their vacation, as they've previously faced criticism for their fashion choices.

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