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North West Pays Homage to Kanye West's Iconic Style in Japan Vacation Video

 North West Pays Homage to Kanye West's Iconic Style in Japan Vacation Video

North West, the talented 10-year-old daughter of rapper Kanye West, is making waves on social media with her spot-on emulation of her father's iconic style. During a recent vacation in Japan with her mother Kim Kardashian, North channeled the essence of Kanye's 'College Dropout' era in a playful TikTok video that captured the attention of many.

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In the video, North exudes her father's unique fashion sense as she dances to "American Boy" by Estelle. Wearing what appeared to be the same or a similar orange and blue long-sleeved Ralph Lauren polo shirt that Kanye famously donned during his appearance on MTV's TRL in 2004, North pays tribute to her father's early fashion choices. Paired with gray pants, black boots, and a pulled-back hairstyle, her outfit perfectly mirrors the nostalgic vibes of Kanye's past style. Kim Kardashian and their friends also join in the fun, lip-syncing and dancing alongside North.

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This isn't the first time North has drawn inspiration from Kanye's wardrobe. During Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, she sported a blue varsity jacket from Kanye's first fashion brand, Pastelle, founded in 2004. The jacket, worn by Kanye at the American Music Awards in 2008, was paired with matching blue-framed sunglasses, showing North's keen eye for fashion and her ability to celebrate her father's legacy.

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Beyond her fashion feats, North often collaborates with her mom to create engaging content. A recent video showcased Kim Kardashian playfully jump-roping with North's lengthy braids while jokingly referring to her as Rapunzel. These glimpses into their mother-daughter dynamic reveal their strong bond and shared interests.

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North and Kim frequently share entertaining clips on their joint TikTok page, showcasing their playful interactions and shared moments. Additionally, they can often be spotted attending North's basketball games together. Demonstrating her dedication as a supportive mother, Kim treated North and her basketball team to a dinner outing in Los Angeles, solidifying her commitment to nurturing her daughter's interests and fostering positive experiences.

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The mother-daughter duo's connection extends beyond recreational activities, as they also indulge in baking together. A recent video captured them creating an apple pie, with a humorous twist when North spotted a spider on the wall. Kim's brave reaction to the spider earned a playful comment from her daughter, adding a touch of lightheartedness to their shared experiences.

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North West's portrayal of her father's iconic style and her collaborative ventures with her mother highlight her creativity, enthusiasm, and the strong bond she shares with her family. As she continues to grow, North's unique personality and passion for self-expression promise to keep her in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

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