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Mason & Penelope Disick makes a rare appearance in Cousin North West & Aunt Kim Kardashian's Tiktok

Mason & Penelope Disick makes a rare appearance in Cousin North West & Aunt Kim Kardashian's Tiktok

Mason & Penelope Disick makes a rare appearance in Cousin North West & Aunt Kim Kardashian's Tiktok
Mason & Penelope Disick makes a rare appearance in Cousin North West & Aunt Kim Kardashian's Tiktok
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Thirteen-year-old Mason Disick & Eleven-year-old Penelope Disick, rarely seen in the public eye, recently graced a TikTok video, adding a touch of delight to her fans' day. 

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The video featured a joyful gathering of the Kardashian family, including Penelope, her cousin North West, and her aunt Kim Kardashian, exuding a casual, familial vibe as they soaked in the sunny summer weather. The trio, joined by Mason Disick, 13, and Chicago West, five, engaged in playful outdoor activities while experimenting with a sparkling puppy filter that adorned their faces with a touch of whimsy. Basketball and tennis became the canvas for their shared fun, as the clan ran around the court, donned in laid-back attire ranging from sweats to jerseys.

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Remarkably, Kim Kardashian, at 42, maintained a strong connection with the younger generation through her TikTok account, which she manages and shares with her daughter North. The video, characterized by a lack of fan comments and a single, cheeky emoji as its caption, showcased Kim's effortless bond with her family members.

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Penelope's recent foray onto TikTok wasn't her first appearance on the platform. Just a month earlier, she graced her mother Kourtney Kardashian's account, starring in a mini makeup tutorial that garnered attention for its simplicity and youthful charm. The tutorial revealed Penelope's skincare routine, complete with various facial creams and a refreshing setting spray to seal the look. The preteen's elegance was accentuated by a finishing touch of lip gloss, while Kourtney opted for a natural look, focusing on grooming her eyebrows.

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The video marked a milestone in Penelope's growth journey, leaving fans in awe of her maturation. Kourtney's Instagram page featured a July post of Penelope adorned with a floral crown, a symbol of her entrance into her 11th year. The caption, "11-year-old beauties," radiated pride and love, celebrating the significance of the moment.

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Penelope's birthday bash mirrored the opulence often associated with the Kardashian family. The festivities unfolded at her father Scott Disick's lavish $6 million Calabasas mansion, where an enormous inflatable water slide dominated the landscape, leading into a sprawling in-ground pool. Among the highlights of the event was a mechanical bull, which proved a challenging yet exhilarating endeavor for the celebrant. Scott shared a glimpse of Penelope's valiant attempt to tame the bull through an Instagram video, playfully commenting on the task's difficulty.

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In a heartwarming display of paternal affection, Scott posted a selfie kissing Penelope's forehead, expressing his profound love for his daughter. Kourtney mirrored the sentiment by sharing a makeup-free photo of herself cuddling with Penelope on the couch, encapsulating the intimacy and warmth of their mother-daughter bond.

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Penelope Disick, a young member of the Kardashian dynasty, continues to captivate the world with her occasional appearances, offering glimpses into her evolving personality and the cherished moments she shares with her close-knit family. Through TikTok videos and social media snapshots, the public witnesses the growth of an 11-year-old girl as she navigates the unique journey of life within the spotlight.

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