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with new concept and security universal picture opening their cinema hall

As we all know that the effect of the coronavirus is increasing globally which is hampering each and every business organization globally and the same case happened with the universal pictures and they are currently releasing a movie on demand this week.This information they have released on this Monday.
                 The Comcast-owned studio and its speciality label Focus Features can rent on Friday movies such as "The Invisible Man," "The Hunt" and "Emma," both of which are currently playing in theatres, such as Comcast (CCZ), NBC, Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN). Consumers can rent out the movies for 48 hours for $19.99 per video.
                                                                                 The "Trolls World Tour" by DreamWorks Animation will also be on-demand beginning on April 10, the same day it is set to be released in North American theatres. Universal said in a statement that it made its films available at home now because of the "economic circumstances" that made "the screening of our films more challenging." "Given the rapidly changing and unprecedented changes in the everyday lives of consumers during this difficult period, the company thought that now was the best time to have this alternative at home as well as in theatres," the study said.

"NBC Universal will continue to analyze the marketplace as conditions develop and will decide the best distribution plan in each region as the particular current situation shifts."Studios have been battling with theatres over theatrical windows for some time, and how long a film will be released in theatres before it is sold on other platforms. Theatre chains tried to maintain their exclusivity and provide an opportunity for people to go out. F9,' the next Fast and Furious film, was delayed by coronavirus until next year With the global box office practically crippled by coronavirus concerns, the crisis could' serve as a trigger for long-awaited reform,' Variety's Andrew Wallenstein said. This involves the possibility of on-demand streaming video that is, making movies available sooner to stream at home for a high price that would help cover missed theatrical sales.
Big blockbusters do not form part of Universal's strategy. Earlier the studio revealed that it would reschedule its next entry in the "Fast & Furious" franchise, "F9," until next year.
Nevertheless, the streaming decision could offer a boost to mid-sized films such as "The Hunt" and "Invisible Man," which had only been released in theatres and would have effectively gone out. Now the studio will bring them back to the ad strategies that followed their debut.

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