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Reasons behind box office fail of bloodshot

 Reasons behind box office fail of bloodshot

Movie studios have made several attempts to set up a shared cinematic universe similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and almost all of them appear to crash and burn after their initial release. Bloodshot is the latest target of the trend. Based on the Valiant Comics character of the same name, the film stars Vin Diesel as an ex-marine who is brought back to life with supernatural powers after being shot and killed.

Yet, following the returns from the box office last weekend, proposals for future franchise instalments could be put on hold. Bloodshot ended up having a disappointing opening weekend, grossing under $9 million and landing behind Disney / Pixar's Onward in second. Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons why the movie debuted so small. The most likely explanation for this is the current pandemic coronavirus. With growing numbers of people being infected across the world, the government is promoting social distancing to stop the virus spread. It means big events like going to the cinema are avoided because it may cause more people to get sick. Major theatre chains including AMC and Regal are voluntarily shutting off to secure the well-being of movie theatre-goers and employees.
  Bloodshot opened at the worst possible time, with few theatres open and a lot of Americans staying home to defend themselves. Yet even though a global pandemic did not happen, bloodshot still had a difficult path ahead of it. Reviews for the film on Rotten Tomatoes were not generous, with the film scoring a disappointing 31 per cent. Many reviewers latched on the fact that while the film has good sequences of action, the storyline made very little sense to those who are not familiar with the source material. Dismal reviews hadn't halted the popularity of comic book movies before. Only look at 2018's Venom, which critics savaged but nevertheless managed to make $800 million worldwide.

The difference between Bloodshot and Venom, however, is aware of the name. Valiant Comics has not the same kind of media presence as Marvel or DC. Proven brands will withstand a bad movie or two because their affiliation with that brand is always going to draw people in to see it. Since Bloodshot is a fairly unknown product for the general public, it had to be really good at the box office to make a difference, and that just wasn't the case.
so this was all about this movie see the tra9iler down below.

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