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40 million peoples of california told to stay in home

40 million peoples of California told to stay at the home 
According to the new york times, Los Angeles the most populous state in America is forcing its residents to remain indoors. California's Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday ordered Californians all 40 million of them to stay in their homes as much as possible in the weeks ahead as the state faces the worsening coronavirus outbreak. The order constitutes the most drastic action taken by any governor to contain the virus, and a move defied by the New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who has far more cases than California.Mr. Newsom made the announcement from the State Emergency Operations Center in Sacramento, usually, a location where emergency personnel coordinate responses to wildfires and earthquakes, and spoke strongly about the danger to the population of coronavirus. Citing a model that was used by state officials, estimating that 56 per cent or more than 25 million Californians might be contaminated over eight weeks, Mr Newsom said, "I think it's time to tell you what I'm telling my family.""It's not a permanent thing, it's just a moment in time," he said. "We will look back on those crucial decisions."Mr Newsom said most retail outlets, including indoor malls, are ordered to be shut throughout the state. Many corporate offices are also closed. Markets, grocers, supermarkets, laundromats and several other businesses are excluded. Officials pointed out that the directives did not prohibit residents from leaving their homes and allowed people to walk as long as they were six feet apart and visit grocery stores. Jobs in health care, important community staff such as bus drivers and others will still be employed.

Some counties in the Bay Area, along with Sacramento, released orders earlier this week that citizens effectively shelter in place, although there are several exceptions that also refer to the State order. The new regulations have been the most extreme for the population size covered so far in the world, and follow similar crackdowns in Europe, most notably in Italy, where Thursday's death toll from the relentless virus exceeded that of China. Just before Mr Newsom spoke, officials in Los Angeles County held a news conference to discuss their own home rule stay, which they term "safer at home." It is uncertain how the orders would be implemented, but officials said they wanted people to follow them and there will be tremendous social pressure on those who disobey them to do so.
"People are going to self-behaviour," he said. "We should be putting social pressure on people to do the right thing."A sheriff's official from Los Angeles County said on Twitter that the department has no plans to make arrests to enforce the order.
                                                                             Nevertheless, Mr Newsom said the state should be "more active" in combating xenophobic attacks on Asians. "We're great," Mr Newsom said.
Thursday's directives in Los Angeles and from the governor came after many days in which California officials, both at the state and local level, slowly tightened public life, closing down bars, wineries, gyms and movie theatres and forcing restaurants to avoid dining in-house and change to take-out and delivery. He's also encouraged people to stay home from work in recent days.
The stay at home orders has been described by officials as an effective way to minimize infections and buy time to stock up on medical supplies such as ventilators and masks to tackle what they expect to be an increase in hospital bed needs.
                                                                          Mr Newsom also released a letter on Thursday that he had sent to President Trump asking him to send a hospital ship to the Port of Los Angeles to be on standby for an anticipated surge in hospitalizations due to the rapidly spreading outbreak of coronavirus. When making his appeal, the governor cited the troubling estimate that about 56 per cent of the state's population, or 25.5 million people, would be infected with the virus over an eight-week period, when the line with some national estimates of how serious the epidemic could become.
"Our case-rate doubles every four days in some parts of our state," he wrote.
Yet he said he hoped on Thursday night that the extraordinary steps would stop those predictions from becoming real.
      "The stay at home order is about making certain figures irrelevant," said Mr Newsom.

California's public health department announced on Thursday that the state had 675 confirmed cases and 16 deaths, up from 598 cases and 13 deaths the day before. Some of the new deaths occurred in Los Angeles County where authorities said the area had 231 cases— 40 new cases were identified Thursday. The new suicide, said the county's department of public health, was a 30-something who had medical problems and lived close to Pasadena.

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