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Disturbing Reality Behind Scott Disick's Skinny Look Concerns Grow as Kardashian Clan Worry

Disturbing Reality Behind Scott Disick's Skinny Look Concerns Grow as Kardashian Clan Worry

Scott Disick's noticeably gaunt appearance and dramatic weight loss have sparked concerns among the Kardashian family, who fear he has taken his use of Ozempic too far.

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The reality TV star, 40, who shares three children with his ex Kourtney Kardashian, raised alarms when he was photographed looking significantly thinner after a meal with friends at Catch Steak restaurant in West Hollywood.

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Speculation arose among fans, with some fearing undisclosed illness or drug use. However, sources close to the family revealed to DailyMail.com that Scott's drastic weight loss is attributed to his use of Ozempic in a bid to shed his 'dad bod.' "He is not ill and isn't doing hardcore drugs," an insider stated. "Kourtney would never allow Scott to spend so much time with their kids if he was in the throes of an addiction."

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According to the insider, Scott turned to Ozempic due to serious concerns about his weight gain over the past year. "Scott started taking Ozempic because he had serious issues with his weight gain," the source explained. "This time last year he saw himself as fat. He had gained a lot of weight and couldn't stand seeing himself in video footage that aired in the past couple of months."

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The source revealed that Scott sought a quick fix, common in Hollywood, but his use of the drug has spiraled out of control. "Scott wanted the easy way out of his dad bod," they said. "But now it has clearly gone too far and, of course, the family is worried about him."

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The family's concerns over Scott's well-being were highlighted in a recent episode of the Hulu reality show. Khloe Kardashian visited Scott following a back injury he sustained in a car crash. Scott admitted to neglecting the necessary physical therapy for recovery and acknowledged his weight gain due to his back problems.

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Scott has faced battles with substance abuse throughout his life, including a near-fatal overdose in 2014 and hospitalization for alcohol poisoning in 2020. Despite his struggles, he has made efforts to address his health, including changes to his diet and seeking medical treatment for low testosterone levels.

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The reality star's recent outing with friends, where his weight loss was evident, has further fueled concerns. Scott was seen leaving a nightclub with Sarah Bauer, and their appearance together has raised eyebrows among fans. Scott, who was in a long-term relationship with Kourtney Kardashian from 2006 to 2015, shares three children with her. Kourtney has since moved on and married Travis Barker, with whom she welcomed a child last year.

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