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Top 10 amazing facts about our Earth

Top 10 amazing facts about our Earth

Earth our house, our planet, In such a big Universe One and only place to live is our Earth. We all humans are trying to know the mystery and facts about the earth. But this blue planet has many mysteries which is inside the earth. let's start the facts. 
Fact No. 10 A day wasn't always of 24 Hrs.  
When we say that how many hours does the one day have? then the answer definitely is 24 Hrs. But friend days were never the same in because before 6 billion years ago there are only 21 54 min hrs in a day because of the gravity of the moon, sun and other planets they change the waves of the ocean which changes the position of 5the earth and in every 100 years there we can find the difference of 1.7 mili sec in one day, and when the natural disaster occurs they also change the time of the day.
Fact No. 9  too much heat. 
Friends as we all know on earth there is increasing of too much heat. and scientist believes that after 100 crore years later our sun will become 10% brighter and heat very much and after 400 crores later thee is very much increase of heat due of which all ocean water will change into a vapour and 750 crores year later our earth changes like the Saturn planet.
Fact No. 8 earth is not a perfect spare.

 when we are small our teacher told us that earth is the spare shape but friends that is not true because it is flatter in its pole side and in the centre it is more circle because it moves very fast due to this it does not have a perfect spare.
Fact No. 7 longest mountain range.

friend do you know which is the longest mountain range? might be more people will say Andes mountain range but that is not true because we have to see the actual hight of the mountain only 10% of the mountain range we have seen in the land but remaining 90% is inside the ocean which we know as a mid-ocean range which is 20% longer than Andes mountain range.
Fact No. 6 Geomagnetic reversal 

Change in the Geomagnetic field as we all know the pole of our earthwork as a magnet and scientist also believes that our earth changes the direction of the magnetic field and in upcoming days also this will happen but friend don't worry it will not affect us but for those animals who use magnetic waves to find their way.  
Fact No. 5 Uneven gravity.

Friends many of you think that in each and every part of the earth there is equal gravity but that is not true for example Watson bay of Canada. This place gravity is very less compared to other places gravity it believes that the central point and the gravitational force is not equal to this place due to that there is an uneven gravity.  
Fact No. 4 Pangea.

many of you had not heard about Pangea but Pangea means 7 continent of the earth before  3 crores year earth has only one continent which we know as Pangea but after 1 crore 70 lakh year later it had changed into 7 different continent due to the movement in tectonic movement this has happened. and according to the scientist after 150 crores a year later all continent will join together and forms Pangea. 
Fact No. 3 Hidden ocean. 

670 km under the ground there is hidden of the ocean which is very 3 times bigger than our ocean but it is not in the form of water it is in the form of the mountain the name of it is a ring woodet and some scientist believes that these times.  
                                    Fact No. 2 Earth was violet.
friends earth was before violet but you would not believe me? but that's a true friend because when in the first earth formulating period plants uses retinal which have a violet colour for making their food but as the period changed they started to use green colour chlorophyll as we can see in nowadays plant because these can absorb heat fast and very effective for them to produce food.

Fact No. 1 How life started on the earth.
In Earth, there are billions and trillions of animals live but we human are most intelligent animals but till now we can not found how our life has started on the earth? some scientist believes that for the first time we have born from the combination of the different molecule, but the question rises their that from where these molecules came from is they came from outer space or is they may from the earth? but a scientist says that these molecules are made while the earth is formulating.

so all these facts of the earth which might you know or may not so thanks for reading this if you liked it then you share and comment it for more improvements.

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