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Extraction released confirmed by Netflix

Extraction released confirmed by Netflix 

Today we gonna talk about thriller with full of action movie Extraction. And according to the rumours, the name of this movie is not fixed yet some they say Dhaka, extraction, out of the fire. So let's talk about all these details of this movie. 

And at first, we will talk about the tile of the movie, then we have got the news that extraction is the tile name of the movie but in the previous news, it is said that the name is Dhaka but in overall it is conformed that extraction will be the movie name. we all also know that there is one more movie in the year (2015) but that movie story and the screenplay is not so good that's why the movie got flopped but this time this movie is produced fro the Netflix we all hope that we will see a movie with full of action and thriller so let's see in upcoming day.
And now let's talk about the latest update of this movie? and what is actually inside this movie? now we have got the information about the plot of this movie like the name of our lead character is Tiler which is played by Chris Hemsworth and the concept of this movie is "there is a group of people with arms and ammunition who is working against the rule of government for earning the money as have the similar concept of expendable but in this movie, there is main focus is on the main character of this movie who is Chris Hemsworth who is hired by the internal national organization for the rescue mission for the son of crimelord which is played by Jayeshpal and in his way, there will be appearances of different obstacles like the main villain of this movie who is our Bollywood actor Randip Huda and other much more known Bollywood actor and when we talk about the actress she is Golshifteh Farahani and actor David harbour as according to the rumours he is playing the role of CIA who will chase the main actor in movie and come to Bangladesh and the director of this movie is Sam Hargrave and the relese date of this movie is conformed by the indian netflix on 26th april. so this is the latest update of this movie and when we talk about the trailer of this movie then we will see soon because the release date of this movie is not so far 

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