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10 Best Sci-Fi Horror Films that perfectly combine the Genres

10 Best Sci-Fi Horror Films that perfectly combine the Genres
We are going to talk about those movies which will surprise you because they are the best combination of scientific and horror.
10 Mimic
Mimic by Guillermo del Toro is a masterclass mixing science fiction with horror. The insect returns to take on its worst enemy: humanity three years after scientists created a bloodthirsty insect to wipe out the cockroaches that spread a deadly virus around New York. With a cast led by Mira Sorvino and Josh Brolin, Del Toro produced a horror movie about genetic engineering with plenty of scares and a poignant secret message.

9 The Mist 
A dense mist descends upon a small town in Frank Darabont's film adaptation of Stephen King's novel The Mist and turns out to be inhabited by bloodthirsty Lovecraftian beasts.
Thomas Jane is playing an everyman holed up with his son in a shop, planning to get out in the open and return home to see if his wife is all right. It's an incredibly dark film, with some gruesome twists and turns along the way.

8 Event Horizon 
Even though it was slammed by critics and bombed at the box office, Event Horizon became a classic cult adorned by fans of science and horror. When a lost spaceship called the Event Horizon reappears, the rescue crew learns that it has gone through a rip in the spacetime continuum, causing a frightening force to take control in its own world.

7 under the skin
In this arthouse sci-fi chiller, Scarlett Johansson is convincing about an alien who poses as a beautiful woman to draw people into her trap. The movie is set in a gloomy Scottish city and has an enrapturing atmosphere. It is filmed with an almost documentary-like style of reporting. There is no magic in Hollywood other than the sequences in which men sink into her house's black pool and get crushed into oblivion. A lack of score, despite the obvious spectacle of a disguised alien targeting unsuspecting men on Earth, gives certain scenes an ominous realism.

6 Attack the block 
Joe Cornish's Attack the Block takes the alien genre of invasion to the streets of South London when a nurse teams up with the gang that mugged her earlier that night to escape a group of furry, neon-toothed E.T.s. For whatever reason (it got great reviews, but maybe the marketing people dropped the ball), the movie did not do so well at the box office, but it's bound to become a cult classic.

5 clover field 
Infantry mates Matt Reeves and J.J. To cook up this found-footage story about a giant monster invading New York, Abrams put their heads together. The characters are initially filming the events of the night as they are having a party going-away for their friend who is jetting off on a business trip to Japan (a reference to the genre originating from here), and they keep filming as they sprint through the city's streets, desperately trying to escape the "Clover" assault.

4 Annihilation
Thoughtful as a sci-fi film and frightening as a horror film, Annihilation by Alex Garland was one of the most overlooked gems of 2018. Garland did something that very few extra-terrestrial depictions manage to do in his chilling portrayal of alien life: he created something genuinely unknown. The aliens in Annihilation, and their home, the Shimmer, can not be understood by mere human beings.

3 The Terminator
 James Cameron's The Terminator is more of a thriller than a horror movie, as a future cyborg stubbornly pursues the guy's hoped-for mother who leads a band of resistance fighters against cybernetic invaders — but it's certainly scary.

2 The Thing
This adaptation of The Thing from Another World was the third of five collaborations between director John Carpenter and extraordinaire action hero Kurt Russell from the 80s. It's a claustrophobic story about scientists at a cold outpost who encounter an alien who imitates something. They don't have an idea who they can trust before too long.

1 Alien
Alien is not running into terror; he is a slow-burning chiller. And this works because Ridley Scott uses the film's gore-free first 45 minutes to build the characters so their relationships, so by the time an alien baby rips through the chest of John Hurt his character Kane feels like a real person we've come to know and love, making the bloodshed even more impactful H.R. Giger's designs are breathtaking. In particular, the xenomorph stands out as a distorted, disturbing rendition of the human form, but the design of everything else in the film — the ship, the alien planet, the "space jockey," etc .— is just as hauntingly beautiful
All the above article idea is taken from Screenrant.

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