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Suresh Raina wants to go on a date with Sonali Bendre

Suresh Raina wants to go on a date with Sonali Bendre
one of the top cricketers of an Indian cricket team is Suresh Raina who had given us lots of contributions to Indian cricket team has shown his inner feelings in the show.
And Suresh Raina has been absent from any competitive cricket since the end of IPL 2019 because of a left knee injury.

As a result, Raina was subjected to knee surgery, his second, in August, but the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) left-hander is once again fully fit and hopes to slowly work his way back to IPL 2020.
He recently featured on an episode of' Zing Game On' where he spoke about cricket, his music obsession, celebrities crush, and more.
Raina hummed a song to the delight of his friends and demonstrated his talent for playing the saxophone.
Speaking to host Karan Wahi, Karan Wahi, Raina also spoke about his 4-year-old daughter and how he sees her as his greatest support. Suresh Raina, Karan Wahi (Pic Source: Twitter) "My daughter is my biggest supporter. Their arrival changed our entire lives. The most precious are the little moments which I share with her. She has been by my side since day one. She is my mate of travel and my dream gym buddy too. During our workouts, she accompanies me and mom, cycles with us, and even shops for their nutrition, "Raina said.
The southpaw even sang a song on the show he sings for his daughter, unravelling his doting personality as a father. The cricketer was in for a pleasant surprise when Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre sent him a special message as the host started sharing some lesser-known facts about Raina.
Raina went on to reveal his lifelong crush on the actress and how during his student days he hoped to go out on a date with her. and told in the show that she is my crush.

overall our cricketer had shown his inner feelings let's see what will happen in the upcoming days of his life and we also hope that for his upcoming cricket match best of luck.

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