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The "Spider-Man" can bring "Iron man" back alive

The "Spider-Man" can bring "Iron man" back alive

 MCU spider man Tom Holland said if he would bring tony stark from the dead over uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, and even Peter Parker's parents.

When Tom Holland reveals he would choose to bring back iron man into spider man cinematic world over Uncle Ben, then the different question rises against him. Although these two superstars had enough details in the comics books they have a different type of relationship among them. This all happened when the first time in Caption America, Civil war, which has spider-man first debuted in MCU world.
After that facing different situations these two pair has experienced a lot of difficulties and also had miss-communication. And in the homecoming movie, tony had shown a big worry about peter's safety and tony has shown unworthiness to spider man being a superhero in the movie. But later on, all these things were changed and when spider man turned into dust in the hand of iron man then iron man eyes have eyes full of tears and iron man feel responsible for all that and that caused iron man ultimately leads into the plan of stopping Thanos in Avengers Endgame. which means tony has sacrificed himself for the spiderman.

Holland's share of critics is not one of them. At Onward's world premiere, which deals with two brothers who aim to return their dead father to life, IGN asked Holland which person Peter would like to revive if he could. Despite Tony Stark's, Uncle Ben's, Peter's dad, or Gwen Stacy's options, the actor spends no time answering: he would choose Tony Stark. and said" It'd have to be tony stark. It'd have to be him." tom says."because I love working with Robert so much and if I could do another day with him, I would. It would be great fun." while that answer is so surprizing for his aunt but that is understandable because Tom wants to work with Downey Jr again.
And not only in marvel movies only their relation is good off the screen also in the Dolittle movie of Downey. Tom has given his voice in that movie so it is great to watch them offscreen also.
overall, what will happen next we don't know about it but hope so it would be good.

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