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Three big reasons MCU will not kill Spider-Man(Tom Holland)

Three big reasons MCU will not kill Spider-Man(Tom Holland) 

According to Cheatsheet, as we all know that there is a deal between Sony and the MCU but which is going to be finished soon after one movie. But rumours say why MCU will not kill him Recent reports by We Got This Covered (WGTC) indicate that Miles Morales (first seen in Spider-Man's animated splendour, Into the Spider-Verse) could come down the line to take the place of Holland in live-action fashion, adding that Peter Parker may face his demise sometime after Phase 4. There are, however, a few reasons that the MCU will definitely not kill Spidey anytime soon.
                                         Down below there are the reasons behind it.

1. Spider-Man will lead to new avengers which will appear on the silver screen.
It has become clear that Kevin Feige & Co. are working towards a Young or New Avengers franchise, with the Phase 4 slate already revealed. Hawkeye is about to pass the torch to Kate Bishop, Ms Marvel will receive a Disney+ TV show, and there is a possibility that Loki will be stuck during Thor: Ragnarok in his childhood form. which means the younger character will come in the MCU and he will handle the link between them so MCU will not remove him yet.

2. Too much new cast and heroes in MCU.
Two characters reign supreme when it comes to determining Marvel's face— Iron man and Spider-Man, as fans have discussed this online in great length. Despite Iron Man no longer in the picture, Stark's protege is needed by the MCU; they can not risk losing another iconic character, as new faces are only as large as the old faces that bring them into. Spider-man has got to be the herald. Spider-Man needs to be the glue who helps to connect old and new heroes.

3. Mary Jane Watson may be coming to the MCU.
If rumours surrounding the entrance to the MCU of Mary Jane Watson turn out to be true, those behind the Marvel movies have a lot of storylines left before they discharge Spider-Man. Will a love triangle join Parker, Mary Jane, and Michelle Jones? Should Parker and Mary Jane Watson wind up, leaving Jones flying alone (to take steps to become a Spider-Woman)? so just what will happens next.

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