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Actor "Vin Diesel" real name has got a different meaning

Actor "Vin  Diesel" real name has got a different meaning

According to "cheatsheet" Vin Diesel who is known for his unique, tough-guy character in his movie like in such "The fast & furious", "xXx", and "The Chronicles of Riddick" and we do not know about what is inside his mind. and he has got six feet tall and 225 pounds, Diesel may look like his chosen name of the moniker and this name is given to him because of his speaking ways hobbies & interest he is very close to his birth name and more genetic than one we expect about him.

Vin diesel loves to lay video game"Dungeons and Dragons" 
as we all know how fit and fine an actor must have to keep his life for a better look and for his job but in the case of Vin diesel. He is very open and loves to play a role-playing game like dungeons and dragons and he called himself as D&D and also he wrote a book on the topic. and he calls the game a "Training ground for imagination".
                                                        And he also loves musicals(Catron movies) and in an interview of 2003, he said I wanted to make an own movie version of Guys and Dolls.

He never wanted to be an action star 
In a 2017 interview with New York Times Diesel said: "The whole idea of an action hero was relatively new when I first started acting. It didn't hit me even though my years as a bouncer changed the way I looked. I was very determined to work with Sidney Lumet."
Lumet told Diesel while they worked together on the film: "You're going to suffer what beautiful women have suffered in this industry for 100 years. You will be suffering for the physique of your action-hero."
bio about Vin Diesel and his real name 
Diesel was born in 1967 in California to Mark Sinclair and has a brotherly twin, Paul. Subsequently, his mother, Delora Sinclair, married Irving H. Vincent who then adopted the two boys. Diesel never knew his biological father and refers to his stepfather as his father, and Vincent's last name was all taken by the family. Irving H. Vincent worked in NYC theatre, and while Diesel rarely talks about his family in interviews, his career probably had a big influence on Diesel, so much so that he started acting at the age of 7. 
As for the name chosen by Diesel, the story goes that VIN is short for Vincent, and Diesel came from joking with his mates that he was so enthusiastic that he runs on diesel fuel. It has also been speculated that when he worked as a bouncer in NYC he wanted an alternative name for his own protection.

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