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New charging cable made from (GaN) tech is going to launched by Apple

New charging cable made from (GaN) tech is going to launched by Apple 

According to the latest rumours, Apple is going to change its charging cable and thing which has forced him to do all are given below
What are the things which have forced Apple to change its charger 
Lawmaker of the EU is concerned about whether or not to force tech companies to use or adopt a common charger in all the devices. if it is true then one of our branded company Apple also have to apply these rules and regulations but because the cost of implementing it would likely mean a global change to the iPhone. ' We MEPs want mandatory legislation for chargers to suit all mobile phones and other portable devices to minimize electronic waste and make life easier for consumers, ' the EU explained. Since 2012 (Getty) Apple's Lightning port has been used by its products ' A common charger should fit all mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers and other handheld devices, MEPs will insist. Old chargers generate more than 51,000 tons of electronic waste per annum, according to estimates.' Apple has already switched some of its models to USB-C, notably the MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro. It is also rumoured that the company is looking into the possibility of a fully port-free iPhone charging wirelessly. However, it has argued against the EU's proposal to force tech companies to make their devices one standard charger. but more than a billion peoples are using lighting connector so that it does not want to change its charger. But now everything got to change by apple company.
iPhone 12 may use it's new incredibly tint charger in it 
According to the latest rumours Apple, Samsung, oppo and other companies might use new gallium nitride technology developed that cuts the size of power adapters while keeping the same wattage this means apple may adopt in its new upcoming iPhone 12 ipad2020 or MacBook pro 2020. and this technology already used by the Xiaomi in its 10 Pro and when we compare it with the apple then clearly the difference in size is rather surprising. The Xiaomi 65W adapter comes with a USB-C port and can charge in just 45 minutes on its new flagship phone.
This also means that unpowered chargers will be reduced to nearly half their size, resulting in incredibly small devices. Just look at your new iPhone charger, and imagine cutting it in half.

And when we talk about the charger it is made from gallium nitride(GaN) and have very small size and its circuit are made from metal alloy and Nanomicro NV6115 and NV6117.  Apart from its ridiculous tiny size, another advantage of this new technology is that it senses the needs of whatever you connect to it, sending just the right amount of power the devices require. This means that Apple can ship a single adapter which can feed anything from an AirPods case to the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro

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