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Carlet Witch Being MCU's Strongest Hero

Carlet Witch Being MCU's Strongest Hero

When we talk about the marvel cinematic universe then one question always arises in our mind that is who is the most powerful superstar in the marvel universe? and the answer is Wanda is the most powerful superhero in the marvel cinematic universe. and previously we have seen caption marvel is strongest because this has been regularly portrayed by Kevin Feige and others at Marvel, and Feige called her influence "off the charts." Through Captain Marvel, she lived up to this name, and in Endgame she did impressively well against Thanos. But the most powerful character in the fight with Thanos was without a doubt Scarlet Witch, who had a score to settle with the Mad Titan due to Vision's death.

 Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) has replaced Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) as the greatest character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that makes much more sense in the movies. Some might say that Marvel refers to Scarlet Witch as her greatest character to pump her up for her new series of Disney+, WandaVision, and her involvement in the Multiverse of Madness's Doctor Strange. Whatever the cause, it makes sense for Scarlet Witch to have this title and a lot of that has to do with precedent over comic books. Before the MCU, when it came to physical strength, Carol Danvers was always considerably weaker than Thor, Hulk, Hercules, Namor, the Thing and quite a few more.
And when we talk about her comic book origin then she has the power of mutant and she is very powerful but when her character played in the movies then she has very limited power but now in upcoming movies, she has taken the place or other powerfull superheroes and now she can show her real power.
Overall, we love all superheroes of MCU but there are few to whom we love a lot and admire them also and

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