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Movie by Disney + and Pixar the Onward

Movie by Disney + and Pixar the Onward

So friends now we are going to talk about the new movie which is gonna released by Pixar company is onward and let's see how the critics respond in this movie And will it be liked by critics or not?

so, friend, we can share the score which is given by critics in IMDB which is 7.6 and also about Rotten tomato then it has given this movie 82% and definitely when this movie get such score then there will be found of very big difference and when we talk about the official release date of this movie is on March 6 and in Hindi language, it might well come or not there is no such information is given but this movie is associated with the Disney + and with Pixar so there is hope because all the previous movies of these company always released in Hindi.
So let's talk about the trailer of this movie then the starting line says that in the previous world the whole world is full of magic but now everything got changed and the lead character of this animation father has died and remaining family has mom, brother, and the main male character and when both brothers becomes over 16 their dad has said to their mother to give one gift which is a magical stick of wizard  and in one piece of paper there is written the idea of how to bring back the dead people for one day but there some mistake happened and only half of the body has become alive from the leg side and to make him full alive or full-body alive they start one journey which is full of fun and magic 

And when we talk more about the critics than they are saying Pixar always releases friendly and family film and this film also associated with them and in this movie there is the main theme of family. and now we can see the animation design by the Pixar company well we can wait for the movie to be released and now we also will get to know all these things which have been said by the critics is it right or not.lets see the trailer below.

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