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Scarlett Johanson as"black widow"

Scarlett Johanson as"black widow"

There is a good news of all Marvel movies fan, as we all know all the movies of marvel are very interesting, mysterious and very scientific to watch and in the"end game" different super characters like "iron man" and "Captain America" who has created a thinking that what will happen next is that the end of our superheroes movies and all the fan were waiting to see what will happen next? and at first black widow movie will be release then after Doctor strange madness in the multiverse madness. 

       And Finally, Marvel Studios ' Black Widow' reveals Natasha Romanoff of Scarlett Johansson and maybe the main villain is a professional assassin, Taskmaster. And when we talk about the trailer and the fight scene in this movie than although at the end of the trailer, Taskmaster big fight is mostly teased, it is clear that she is a formidable opponent. At Disney's biennial fan convention, D23, much of the imagery seen in the new trailer was first shown. And the update came that Taskmaster also assumes more of an anti-hero role in Marvel Comics and is renowned for his ability to mimic the physical abilities of anyone he battles. Taskmaster first featured in May 1980 in Avengers # 195. The video also teases a return of other protagonists from the history of Natasha including the Yelena Belova from Florence Pugh. Belova becomes the second Black Widow in the comics series and is identified in the teaser as Romanoff's niece.

And according to the rumours, this movie has seen or this movie story is based before those who have seen Avengers End game knew that she has died while taking the soul stone and to protect his friend clint Barton( Hawkeye) to win the battle from Thanos so the story of this movie is between Caption America Civil war and Avenger Infinity war. 

In overall this movie gonna make marvel fan so happy because till now, we don't know about the black widow past and in this movie, we will get to know this thing and this movie is going to be released on May 1st it will great to watch.

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