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Jared Leto's new movie is Morbius

Jared Leto's new movie is Morbius 

Sony Pictures Entertainment's Morbius has released its first trailer, and through Spider-Man and Vulture, it connects the film-and Venom-with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Tom Hardy's successful Venom, Sony is moving forward with the film directed by Daniel Espinosa with their spin-off and this is the movie which is directed by Daniel Espinosa and started our hero Jared Leto playing the character as Dr Michael Morbius and have the role of a scientist who suffers from a rare blood disease who accidentally afflicts himself with vampirism.  Narrative specifics are still scanty at the moment, but irrespective of what's going on in the film, reports about it appear to have been accurate in the same reality as the MCU.

As Sony's own integrated cinematic world began to take shape, there has been uncertainty about how it will apply to the MCU, primarily due to the latest production agreement with Marvel Studios on shared content for the web-slinging-hero of Tom Holland. Web sling-hero. Kevin Feige and former Sony executive/film producer Amy Pascal did not help to have conflicting statements about the matter. Turning to Venom there were rumours that Holland's Spider-Man would make an appearance in the movie which is not possible nonetheless, people involved in the project have repeatedly said that their meeting-up was imminent, suggesting that the nascent company would ultimately interlink with MCU. It doesn't seem like fans will have to wait for Venom 2 to have a direct MCU link based on the video since it arrives from Morbius instead.

and in the trailer of this movie of Morbius is out now where the connection is shown between the MCU spiderman when the Morbius walk through the way and on the wall there is written that"murder" and at the end of this movie our previous spider man movie villain appears which means at the end of the movie Morbius is no better guy.

And that's how the trailer end so it is very interesting to see how this new movie reflects his character and it depends on the role of how he changes him as a good or bad guy.in overall sony have just two contracts left with the marvel so all these ups and downs of both marvel and sony will make all upcoming movies better or worst we all will see in upcoming days.

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