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Big Boss 13 when Shehnaz purpose Siddhartha Sukla

Big Boss 13 when Shehnaz purpose Siddhartha Sukla 

One of the popular show of Indian television is Big Boss where we can see the different fighting is been going inside the house and As the show is going on contestants are showing their tips and tricks to entertain the people by making new issues in the show they want to catch the attention 0f the people in the show. 

As we all know in the big boss show, Shehnaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla are the most interesting, loving Jodi in the show people love their Jodi and in the episode of Monday when the Salman khan inter in the house because this show is top in the television show from previous 15 weeks and to celebrate this happens with the contestants he inter in the big boss house the show and he is seen enjoying the moments with the contestants and make fun and also been seen sharing the personal questions with the contestants them and in between that he also saw given suggestions to Shehnaz gill and she has seen not to hear any word from Salman and again she is seen to be asking I don't want  to stay in this house and in reply Salman says four people don't know you and you suppose your self as Katrina kaif 

and Shehnaz replies that I don't want to be famous and it doesn't matter I just want to go out from this house and Salman said I am also here to take you to the home you go and pack your bag after that Salman khan is seen taking the bag of Shehnaz but later on Salman convinced her and left her in the house it means she stays in the house

And another day got started wherein  the morning time Siddharta and Shehnaz again seems to be very close and when we talk about the previous show they were seen not talking with each other and not listening each other word but in this episode, they were seen very close to each other and Shehnaz is being seen saying to Siddhartha that to end this show there is only remaining of one month and in this remaining one month I will give you more love because when we go out you must have to miss me and Siddhartha takes her word as a joke and in the previous show Salman had given the advice to Siddhartha that "she is in love with you and you must have to be careful" and all these things prove that what Salman said is going to be true and after that again Shahnaz said "I love you, Siddhartha" and in reply he said ok and she said you must have to say I love you too in reply and after that, she also says you should not have to listen what others will say if anyone come between us then I will kill them she says you alwys hurt me and dont listen to my words if you will repeat this again then I will start to beat myself and reply he said you all are doing this to win this game and suprizelgy she said i dont want to win this game I want to win you.

In overall again and again, different twist happening in the show and coming days what will happen who knows and in coming days there is family week so we could she different twist in the show to happen.

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