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Meet the new mobile phones of TCL Company

Meet the new mobile phones of TCL Company  


         In the show to CES at the global context, different companies have shown their product and got the market. One of the branded Chinese company which is famous for its ultra 4k HD tv and other technologies like a washing machine, air conditioners, refrigerators and many more have just newly introduced it's new mobile phones.   


In the market which are TCL 10 pro, TCL 10L and TCL 10 5G in the market which looks very pretty and has great features in it. And probably may give one to one competition with other mobile phone companies in the year 2020 companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, One Plus are launching their new mobile phone in the market but just now news cames that TCL also launching its own mobile phone in the market with great features and cost under $500 which is great news for all of us who love technology more than the brand.

And according to the latest information, TCL is not leaching its phone information in the market yet. And the companies said that in the coming month there is going to be a mobile world congress where they will share their specifications of all these phones. But some of the information we have got from the higher authorities like for TCL 10 pro it has AMOLED with a saturated, ultra-crisp display which is framed by two curved sides and it look like the perfect clone of Samsung Galaxy S10 clone which has the price under 500$. And in the field of the camera, it has four rear cameras including a dual flash of a 64-megapixel main shooter with the processor of 765 snapdragons along with the headphone jack and has the USB port of type-C which means it has fast charging, we have not got the information about battery storage.

And also have many more features in this mid-range available device with fingerprint gunk and rich emerald or grey colour which looks very eye catchy in the sunlight. And we have not got other mobile phones specification but according to the higher authorities these mobile phones also have very great features in it and all these devices cost you under 500$ to you which sound very great. 

In overall, this device may change the market and the price rate of all the device because we are going to saw a device which has great features in each and every field and getting it on under $500 which means it just blowing all the mobile companies and their strategies too.                                         
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