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Nikon is going to update its new full-frame camera which is D780 DSLR.

Nikon is going to update its new full-frame camera which is D780 DSLR.

Nikon is one of the famous company for its cameras. Which is known as for its best camera quality,  And has created a huge market of his quality product and now also it has launched its new camera which is D780. And it has its previous version which is Nikon D750 in the year 2014 which has fewer features comparing to this camera. 

New Features of Nikona D780 like:-

  1.  Have greater AF performance that supports a wide variety of scenes.                                                                                                                                                                                             A 51 point Af system has been greatly improved in this model where we could see the great autofocusing performance, extended by 6 image processing, advance seen capturing upgraded to 180K pixel RGB sensors which helps to track the subject position which helps to improve subject detection in the auto area mode which help to greater accuracy.

  1. Have greater focal plane phase-detection with eye detection mode.                                                                                          it is the first camera of Nikon company which has face focusing panel in it with the live view recording and movie recording, it changes its camera focusing camera detection Af and horizontally and vertically it has 273 focus point in it. It also supports eye detection mode when the person is moving it gives focus on the subject eyes with portraits and allow the photographer to focus on the frame image.                                            
  2. High-Quality sensitivity performance with very little noise.  The combination of different like 24.5 million pixels with CMOS sensor equipped with focal-plane phase-detection AF pixels EXPEED 6 image-processing engine which runs on maximum sensitivity of ISO 51200 with preserving sharpness and clarity with less noise. And have the ability to capture the video on 4k UHD/30p movies and also have HD/120p movies. 

  1. Diverse imaging expression.                                                       It has high-speed continuous shooting at up to approximately 7 fps also support live view photography, have more shots clicking power which helps never missing the picture to capture it have more broad shutter speeds from 1/8000 s to 900 s is available in it. which helps to capture a moving object effectively and low shutter helps to astrophotography and long time exposures and it has other feature like slow motion function recording at 4x or 5x.

  1. It has more frame rate to capture the more broad rage photography with good body structure.                                                                                                                                         The camera which has a better body structure with superior rigidity and durability helps you to hold your camera properly and greatly and it has the 2260 frames on the single charge which helps you take to capture more image witch extend the more time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       And there are many more features in it comparing to the previous version which makes it a great camera to capture your moments and show the inner beauty of time and image moment which you have captured.                    

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