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Deepika Padukone walking around the street being Chhapaak promoting her new Bollywood Movie

Deepika Padukone walking around the street being Chhapaak promoting her new Bollywood Movie

In the previous lifestyle of the people, All the human being are close and share their problem with each other, and they all believe in God and think that we have done anything wrong then God will surely punish us so we have to follow the good path which helped us to be blessed by the god. But now all the thing were changed people were just using other people body for their us satisfaction they do not think that her future and the society what will think about her, and in some cases, people were throwing acid on the girl's body if she hesitates to love him and other more which means there is no secure society for the girl. why we all human being became a cruel animal to fulfil our own satisfaction we damage or kill another person life. 

Chhapaak is such a movie, where Deepika Padukone is playing the role of the girl where she is being hitten from the acid and her face got all burned, This movie is based on the real-life incident and now she is doing the promotion of the movie in different places of the country and doing the different social experiment here is some details about this movie

  Date: 10 January 2020
  Genre: Drama
  Director:Meghna Gulzar
  Stars: Deepika Padukone
             Vikrant Massey

deepika padukon is walking in public

She has conducted a program where she is with the team of her which upcoming film Chhapaak. to know how people really understand how people react to seeing an acid attack survivor. 

she had managed her being makeup so the people didn't recognize her and all the hidden camera are following her as you can see in the video and she says that"whenever I step out people sometimes recognise me so I want to hide" and other more acid attack survivors who also feature in the film joined her in that program.
And in the at first step, she went into the cell phone company where is greeted by the cell phone company owner and they had taken some selfie and got out from that shop and some men are looking at them but and nothing else and then again they went into the grocery store where some people refuse to help them and looked at them very disgustedly and other more had a smile on their face and other places also she had visited and looked, and in one case a woman hides her child from the girl and another screams rudely when they ask for help and in the end, Deepika says, "What I have learnt through the day is that some things are right in front of your eyes but you don't realise it.it's important to change your perspective," and the video end.

Watch Deepika Padukon'S Social Experiment walking as Chhapak


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