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New 'Boruto' Opening Previews A Major Fight

New 'Boruto' Opening Previews A Major Fight

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is heading into a bright future as the series now will have a great focus on Boruto as an individual, rather than focus on his relationship with his father. The newest opening theme of the series has the strongest fight for what's to come yet, as it teases a major battle involving some familiar returning faces.

The subject matter sees Boruto frozen in an arctic land by a giant beast where nature of the beast is unknown, but fans see him break free of its frozen clutches with a full use of his mysterious power eye. The ice beast then attacks Boruto and the others, but Mitsuki uses large snake summons to defend them, Cho-Cho uses her giant jutsu to punch them, Inojin uses his paint to summon a giant arm, and the teamwork following after is something special.

The new Sand Ninja Trio introduced during the Chunin Exams seem to make a return, and are helping against this ice beast as well. Shinki uses his iron sand to catch several of the ice chunk  from the beast and creates a makeshift stairway for Boruto to run across. Protecting Boruto, Sarada uses her fireball jutsu and Shikadai uses his shadow jutsu to break several of the incoming
fter Boruto uses this makeshift stairway to reach the ice beast and launches a Rasengan, the beast is defeated and the battle is won. The new opening theme sequence may be a stylish red-herring, as it could just be a flashy presentation for the opening theme, but it could also mean there's a huge fight coming down the line.

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