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One Piece' Leak Katakuri's Face

One Piece' Leak Katakuri's Face

One Piece knows the things needed to make a big reveal, and the anime proved it’s recipe tastes as good as ever. After all, the show’s latest episode saw Charlotte Katakuri show something to fans which he’s kept hidden where it took everyone by surprise with fan of Kakashi’s unmasking then One Piece is ready to follow up the news with one of its own.

 Katakuri pulled a Kakashi by revealing his face to fans for the first time that think back to the character’s debut, that will realize he has never put out a full look at his face. Ever since the pirate showed up that he’s kept his face hidden partially with a scarf, but he took it off in Mirro-World for a spell.

 Fans got a look at Katakuri’s face when he decided to eat some snacks following his fight with Monkey D. Luffy. After choke the Straw Hat in mochi, Katakuri thought he won the battle and decided to celebrate by treating himself to some sweets. The fighter private himself just before removing his scarf, and the unmasking revealed Katakuri’s fairly normal face.

He man’s small face is rounded out with a large jaw with stitching scars winging his lips. However, things get weird when he opens his mouth. The Sweet Commander has some very sharp teeth, and his jaw can unhinge insanely wide. This ability helps Katakuri eat some big donuts during his snack break, but it does not add to his scare vibe that why Katakuri kept his mouth shut and hidden, it all comes down to his reputation.

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