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Kim and Kourtney's Hilarious Brawl Goes Viral, Leaving a Makeup Stain Saga Unleashed!!

Kim and Kourtney's Hilarious Brawl Goes Viral, Leaving a Makeup Stain Saga Unleashed!!

Kim and Kourtney's Hilarious Brawl Goes Viral, Leaving a Makeup Stain Saga Unleashed!!
Kim and Kourtney's Hilarious Brawl Goes Viral, Leaving a Makeup Stain Saga Unleashed!!
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The ongoing feud between the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kourtney, has taken a humorous turn as a video of their recent brawl goes viral. 

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The infamous sister-duo, known for their public spats, has once again captured the attention of netizens, but this time, it's not just the fight that's making waves. The video, stemming from the 18th season premiere of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," depicts a heated altercation between Kim and Kourtney. The genesis of their clash lies in Kourtney's decision to quit filming, citing dissatisfaction with the channel's failure to fund one of her trips. 

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In response, Kim defended the family's strong work ethic, causing Kourtney to lash out, initiating a physical brawl. As the two sisters exchanged blows, something unexpected happened – Kim's body makeup left a noticeable stain on the wall. The SKIMS founder, known for her beauty and fashion ventures, inadvertently transferred some of her makeup onto the surface during the intense altercation.

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This makeup mishap has become the highlight of the viral clip, and netizens are seizing the opportunity to troll Kim Kardashian for having full-body makeup on while at home. Social media users have flooded the comments section with witty remarks and sarcastic comments about the unusual aftermath of the fight. Fans took to Instagram to express their amusement, with one user noting, "Kim's body makeup left a stain on Khloe's wall," while another humorously observed, "Bro, the more I watch it, the funnier these Barbie dolls get." Some comments pointed out the makeup mark on the wall, emphasizing the irony of a cosmetic residue in the midst of a family quarrel.

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The online banter continued, with users commenting on the surreal nature of the situation. One individual remarked, "Grown f***ing women," while another quipped, "First time I saw a battle where plastic fights plastic."

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In a surprising twist, Kourtney Kardashian added her perspective on the sibling rivalry. In a recent birthday wish for Kim, Kourtney revealed that their current fights were nothing compared to their high school clashes. She reminisced about the hair-pulling and nail-digging battles they used to have, providing a glimpse into the longstanding history of their tumultuous relationship.

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As the Kardashian drama unfolds on and off-screen, it seems that netizens are finding entertainment not only in the sisters' verbal and physical clashes but also in the unexpected consequences, such as makeup stains on the wall, that accompany their intense moments.

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