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North West Burns Sage in Her House Shocking mom Kim Kardashian during video call

North West Burns Sage in Her House Shocking mom Kim Kardashian during a video call

North West Burns Sage in Her House Shocking mom Kim Kardashian during a video call
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In a humorous yet unexpected moment on the latest episode of 'The Kardashians', Kim Kardashian found herself face to face with her daughter North West's unique form of house cleansing. 

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The episode, which aired on October 12, saw Kim traveling to Milan for work, leaving her eldest daughter North, aged 10, in charge back home. During a Facetime call, Kim was shocked to see North burning sage inside the house, a practice commonly used for cleansing and spiritual purposes.

Upon noticing the lit sage, Kim, in full mom-mode, immediately expressed her concern. "Oh, you’re burning sage in the house," she said, her tone shifting slightly. Worried about the potential fire hazard, she asked, "Wait, who’s with you? You can’t have a fire on." North, unfazed by her mother's concern, promptly shooed her away, waving the sage around and declaring, "Get out of my house!" She then abruptly ended the call, leaving Kim laughing and slightly bemused.

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In a lighthearted moment, Kim reminded her daughter not to make a mess before ending the call with a loving, "Bye, I love you!" Reflecting on the incident in a confessional, Kim shared her amusement at her kids' carefree attitude when she's not around. "I mean, my kids could care less that I’m gone," she remarked. "They are having the time of their life and have completely taken over my house like they run it."

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Fans took to social media to share their amusement at North's sage-burning antics, with one viewer expressing their delight, saying, "North burning sage is literally everything." This charming incident offered a glimpse into the Kardashian household's everyday dynamics and showcased North's spirited personality.

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Meanwhile, the episode also delved into the ongoing feud between Kim and her sister Kourtney Kardashian. Despite their disagreements, Kourtney reached out to Kim during the episode, prompting a potential step towards reconciliation. Kim, acknowledging this gesture, mentioned, "I feel like it’s a step in the right direction of moving past it and moving past all of the drama."

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As the episode concluded, fans were left entertained and eager for more glimpses into the Kardashian family's daily lives, showcasing their genuine moments and the enduring bond that defines their relationships. The latest episode of 'The Kardashians' is now available for streaming on Hulu, continuing to offer viewers a blend of drama, humor, and heartfelt family moments.

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