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Kim Kardashian Asserts Even Kourtney’s Kids Come to Her Over ‘Problems’ With Their Mom

Kim Kardashian Asserts Even Kourtney’s Kids Come to Her Over ‘Problems’ With Their Mom

Kim Kardashian Asserts Even Kourtney’s Kids Come to Her Over ‘Problems’ With Their Mom
Kim Kardashian Asserts Even Kourtney’s Kids Come to Her Over ‘Problems’ With Their Mom
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The Kardashians season 4 premiere brought Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian's ongoing tension to the forefront. Their intense phone call led to a heated exchange of hurtful comments between the sisters. 

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In the midst of this confrontation, Kim, 42, accused Kourtney, 44, of harboring resentment towards the family and undergoing a personality transformation. Kourtney, in response, expressed her desire to distance herself from the family, asserting, "I don't need to be a part of it anymore."

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However, Kim's verbal barrage didn't end there. She alleged that Kourtney's friends and their family members had been discussing her behind her back, even revealing the existence of a group chat labeled "Not Kourtney." Kim contended that her intentions were to mend their strained relationship, but Kourtney perceived these actions differently.

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Kourtney took a direct jab at Kim, stating, "You are a narcissist. It is all about you. Anything you do is about you and how it looks to the world about you…" Kim countered by suggesting that everyone was genuinely concerned about Kourtney's well-being and happiness.

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Unfazed by her sister's accusations, Kourtney asserted her contentment with her life and emphasized that her happiness derived from distancing herself from the family. She made it clear that she had more important things to occupy her time than participating in discussions about others.

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At this point, Kim delivered a particularly harsh blow by insinuating that Kourtney's children had approached her with concerns regarding their mother's behavior. Kourtney, with a hint of sarcasm, asked if this information was intended to contribute constructively to their conversation. Emotions escalated, leading to Kourtney breaking down in tears over the phone, expressing her frustration by calling Kim "a **king witch" and expressing her strong dislike.

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In the aftermath of their emotionally charged phone call, Kim and Kourtney sat down together for a joint confessional. Kourtney shared her feelings about the situation, acknowledging the impact of seeing the edited footage. She believed that Kim had weaponized her words to hurt her and that both had reached a point of behavior that they should not be proud of.

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Kourtney also reflected on the hurtful nature of their phone call fight, highlighting her family's long-standing tendency to say hurtful things to one another, a behavior she actively worked on changing in therapy. The experience was painful for her as she questioned why her family would treat her in such a manner.

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As tensions continued to escalate, it was evident that this feud between Kim and Kourtney was far from resolved, and it cast a shadow over their family dynamics. New episodes of The Kardashians season 4 are scheduled to be released on Hulu every Thursday.

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