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Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian spotted bonding together at NYC

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian spotted bonding together at NYC

Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloé made a stylish appearance in New York City on Monday, presenting a united front as they stepped out together. 

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Kim, known for her reality TV stardom and acting roles, including in "American Horror Story," showcased a fresh-faced look with minimal makeup as she emerged from an SUV and headed into their hotel. Khloé, on the other hand, also highlighted her radiant complexion, following closely behind her sister. It appeared that the two had arrived in the Big Apple a day prior to the opening of Kim's popular shapewear brand Skims' pop-up shop.


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Their outing coincided with reports that Kim sought advice from retired NFL star Tom Brady regarding property investments in the Bahamas. The athlete had previously purchased a house there with his estranged wife, Gisele Bündchen. Kim, donning a sleek all-black athleisure ensemble, including a sports bra that accentuated her figure, showcased her recent weight loss. 

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She complemented her look with loose-fitting black Adidas track pants and stylish black pointy-toed boots. To ward off the breeze, she wore a large black Adidas overcoat with the brand's signature stripes on its sleeves. Completing her ensemble, Kim styled her raven hair in a bun and sported black sunglasses along with a diamond-encrusted silver necklace bearing her first name.


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In contrast, Khloé opted for a lighter outfit featuring a pale gray sweatshirt and matching sweatpants. She rolled up the pant legs slightly to reveal her long white athletic socks and donned white Nike trainers with colorful accents. Khloé's blonde locks were styled in playful, tousled waves, and she added a touch of elegance to her sporty look by carrying a cream-colored Hermès Birkin bag made of alligator skin. Kim's interaction with Tom Brady made headlines, fueling speculation about a potential romantic connection. 

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However, sources clarified that their relationship was purely friendly, with Kim seeking advice on luxurious properties in the Bahamas. As Kim and Khloé arrived at their hotel, they were surrounded by both security personnel and adoring fans. Interestingly, some individuals in the crowd mistook Khloé for her sister Kourtney Kardashian, a mix-up that Khloé addressed later on her Instagram Stories in a light-hearted manner.


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Through a series of posts, Khloé humorously explained how to differentiate between herself and Kourtney. She emphasized their differing hair colors, with Kourtney typically being a brunette while Khloé predominantly sports blonde locks. Khloé also playfully highlighted the height difference between the two, as Kourtney is notably shorter. 

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She jokingly shared an illustration illustrating the sisters' heights, with Khloé towering over Kourtney. Furthermore, she encouraged fans to play a game of "Spot Khloé" and shared moments from her own glamorous photoshoots to accentuate her unique features.

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Khloé shared an amusing anecdote about Kourtney's wedding mix-up in Las Vegas, where even the officiating Elvis impersonator called her Khloé. She concluded her Instagram Stories with a lighthearted message, expressing hope that her presentation had helped clear up any confusion among fans who had struggled to tell the sisters apart for over two decades.

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However, Khloé's fun wasn't over yet, as she later returned to her Instagram Stories with a photo referencing the movie "Twins," featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, in which only their mother could tell them apart. She humorously applied the tagline to a photo of herself and Kourtney showcasing their stunning figures in glittering sheer bodysuits, emphasizing their significant height difference. Khloé's playful posts followed the revelation on their reality series "The Kardashians".

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