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How Khloe Kardashian Feelings on Running Into Tristan Thompson At Beyoncé's Birthday Celebration

How Khloe Kardashian Feels on Running Into Tristan Thompson At Beyoncé's Birthday Celebration

How Khloe Kardashian Feelings on Running Into Tristan Thompson At Beyoncé's Birthday Celebration
How Khloe Kardashian Feelings about Running Into Tristan Thompson At Beyoncé's Birthday Celebration
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Did Khloé Kardashian want to skip subsequent to seeing Tristan Thompson at Beyoncé's birthday slam? HL has the Solely scoop on Khloé's response to seeing her bamboozling ex at Bey's party.

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Indeed, even Superstars like Khloé Kardashian are not safe from the clumsiness of running into your ex at a party. Such was the situation on Sept. 10 when both Khloé, 38, and Tristan Thompson went to Beyoncé's disco-themed 41st birthday celebration. Khloé didn't welcome Tristan, 31, to the party, a Kardashian source tells HollywoodLife Only, "yet she likewise didn't tell him not to come. They run in similar circles, so it is unavoidable that they will be at similar places together simultaneously."

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"Khloe expected this since she had acquainted him with every one of her companions when they were together," the insider tells HollywoodLife, "and he had acquainted her with his companions as a whole. Along these lines, unavoidably, they became companions with one another's companions. However, Tristan being at Beyonce's didn't stage her. She was herself, and she truly had no worry about him at all. They each did whatever they might feel like doing there, and they showed up and left independently. It was pleasant for her to get an evening to remember to have a good time creatures she has been home with the two children so much of late."

Khloé and Tristan invited their second kid through substitute on Aug. 5, months after they split directly following Tristan fathering one more kid with Texas mentor Maralee Nichols. Regardless of the relative multitude of long stretches of clumsiness, Khloé wasn't shaken when she saw Tristan at the party. "Tristan coming to Beyonce's didn't influence Khloe in any capacity," a subsequent source tells HollywoodLife Solely. The KarJenner insider expresses that in spite of all the ill will and double-crossing among Khloé and Tristan, she has "focused on it to keep a cheerful and sound co-nurturing relationship with him."

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"He can do anything he desires in the event that he's a decent, present dad to their children," the KarJenner insider added. "Khloe had an astounding outlook on herself and had no issue blending with anyone and everyone. She didn't make a special effort to stay away from Tristan since that would have sort of been difficult to do so when they were at a similar spot with similar individuals. She realized he was welcomed and that he was going, and she didn't mind one way or another."

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In an Aug. 30 meeting with Elle, Khloe talked about being a mother of two. "I know it's a platitude, however, I love everything, even the hard aspects," she said. She said her children "challenge me personally, and having the option to shape little individuals into truly unbelievable enormous individuals is an honor and a gift. We need to play those jobs genuinely, particularly in the present day and age, with the openness kids possess and the data they're presented to so youthful. It's really frightening, yet I treat my work extremely in a serious way."

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