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KarJenners are 'so happy' that Rob Kardashian is back to his 'old self'

KarJenners are 'so happy' that Rob Kardashian is back to his 'old self'

KarJenners are 'so happy' that Rob Kardashian is back to his 'old self'
KarJenners are 'so happy' that Rob Kardashian is back to his 'old self'
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Rob Kardashian appears to be re-bonding with the family after a long time and his loving sisters couldn't be more happier!

Arthur George Socks founder Rob Kardashian, 32, looks like he is channeling the younger years of his life lately and millions of his fans including the KarJenner family are happy to see him like this. Rob has been back on social media so much in recent months especially when the family celebrated Kylie Jenner's 23rd birthday earlier this month. Tristan Thompson and Rob shared the same photo of them chilling at the poolside on the fabulous island on Thursday, August 13. The two of them seem to have an unshakeable bond as they enjoy each other's company very much. “My Cro 4L,” the NBA superstar captioned the snap to which Rob responded with, “Yurrrrrrrrr” in the comment section. 

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My Cro 4L @robkardashianofficial 💙

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“It’s so fantastic that Rob went with them,” a source told HollywoodLife exclusively about Rob jetting off with his family and loved ones. “Khloe (Kardashian) and Kylie were so, so happy when Rob said he was going to come, the whole family was thrilled. Rob is truly back to his old self. They feel like they have their brother back. They’ve all been praying for this for a long time.”

Meanwhile, another source revealed exclusive details from Kylie's amazing birthday bash! “Kylie headed to a private villa in Turks and Caicos to celebrate her 23rd birthday,” the insider dished. “It’s one of her favorite locations because it’s super secluded and it’s actually the same villa she stayed at for her all girls Kylie Skin summer trip last year.”

“Kylie knew she couldn’t have a huge birthday party like she has every year because of the pandemic, but she was actually really happy with having just her family and closest loved ones to celebrate with,” the source added. “She knows there will be plenty of opportunities to have huge parties in the future, but being surrounded by just family is more meaningful to her.”

As the pandemic is still not completely gone, safety measures were taken by everyone. "Turks and Caicos has very strict procedures for anyone entering the country right now so they all had to get tested [for COVID-19] right before they left so they knew everyone on the private jet was 100% healthy, even the crew,” the first insider said. “And the plane was sanitized before they got on and then once they landed they went straight to their villa. They’ve taken every possible precaution to make it an extremely safe trip.”

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