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The Last Witch Hunter 2: Vin Diesel

The Last Witch Hunter 2: Vin Diesel 

So friends today we are going to talk about upcoming movie of Vin Diesel and this movie is the last witch hunter part 2 and the first part of this movie has not done very great but it has done average income and the budget of this movie is 90 million and it has earned 146 m from this movie so the studio was confused to continue or not this movie. But now there are some details came out this movie so let's discuss it.

 But now himself Vin Diesel has announced and said he had a meeting with Lionsgate studio and he is things to work in the sequel of this movie.on which topic Lionsgate has prepared the sequel and they need a green light/approval from the Vin diesel now to work on this movie. which is in upcoming days Vin will give to Lionsgate. and according to rumours, Lionsgate will keep the budget very low but it will give us a very great movie to watch like a recent movie of Vin "bloodshot" the budget of this movie is 45M and till now they have earned more than 95million in the box office.so this shows that if films were made in low budget then they will make a good income so that's how Lionsgate was making their upcoming movies.

And we will not see him in this sequel only we will see him in Riddick and we will also see him in avatar 2 and we listen to his voice in the guardian of the galaxy and we hope for a lot.

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