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Details about Hollywood delayed movies: Fast and furious 9

Details about Hollywood delayed movies: Fast and furious 9
So friends today we are going to talk about the movies which are going to delay which will not be liked by the fans obviously.
 And in the list, the first name of the movie is no time to die which has the release date of  2nd April and it got sifted to 12th November and from there only we get to knew that we will sure gonna see a lot of changes in upcoming Bollywood movies and there are 3 more movies which have got announced to be delayed. and what are to these decisions lets talk about it.
 so, friends, the effect of coronavirus has very much incre4ased on the Hollywood, Bollywood etc and you also know it big celebrity tom hanks also had infected along with his wife and all this shows this virus is causing a very big effect in Hollywood and due to that the first report is coming out from no time to die and another movie is peter rabbit 2 and its release date is 3rd April but due to the virus to 27 august but the craze of this movie is not so more but the first part of this movie has done a great job in the box office.

 And another movie which was fans waiting a lot which is a quiet place part 11 and the release date of this movie is on March 23 but it now its officials release date has not been confirmed yet but officially for this month this movie has got delayed,  but according to rumours this movie we can see on  August or in November and as we all know the first part of this movie has got very big hipe and earned 340 billion which shows that the second part of this movie will be earned very much great in the box office due to that they have delayed the release date of this movie.
which movie we all fans are waiting for is fast and furious 9 but they have delayed this movie very long which will sure make disappointment in fans and we all know that the official release date of this movie is on 20 May 2020 but they have not done any short delayed they have done delayed of 1 year which is on 2nd April of 2021 and if you remember something then this is the release date of fast and furious 10 which means we are sure this movie will release is on 2020.

and in overall, this all shows that productions houses of all these movies are not taking any kind of risk and might be there are some more movies which may also delay the release date of these movies and we all hope coronavirus will end soon. and all things will get better 

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