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lupin the III first

lupin the III first
So friends today we are going to talk about the new 3D animated movie Lupin the III First and this will be launched in India as like other movies eg dragon ball etc. and what actual inside the movie we will talk about now.

And at first, I want to clear the doubt about the tile of this movie Lupin the III first but this is no big thing for anime movie fans but this is for newly staring anime fans and such type of title are very rare and in the title the have added III which might seem to you that it might be the sequel of any movie but you will not belive this is not any sequel of any movie but it is the series of the lupin movie.
 and in the content of this movie main character is a thief and he gets his name from his grandfather and his grandfather has got III after his name so lupin also has got III after his name.

 And in the story, lupin is going to fulfil the dream of his grandfather which mission which grandfather has not completed he is going to complete that mission which means there is no connection between this and other movies and but t6he shocking news is that this movie is going to released in Japanese language only not in Hindi nor in English but it will come with English subtitle many people will think did we have to watch such movies? then, in my opinion, you must have to go and such contain movies because this very new contain and story-based movie.

But when we think about the release date of this movie then it will be released on exam time of march 13 and another big factor to effect this movie is coronavirus so let's see what will happen next and what kinds of things will force to viewers to watch this movie.

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