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iPhone 12:Big threat for apple users

A big threat for apple users 

Apple may have been working on the most promising iPhone in years, but the company had a tough start to 2020. Having already issued one high profile alert impacting shareholders, the company has now made another that will affect millions of users of the iPhone.Bloomberg's always excellent Mark Gurman has learned in a new exclusive that Apple has sent out a memo warning employees at Apple stores across the globe about stock shortages of replacement iPhones. And whosoever breaks their iPhone will feel the impact.

So all the people do not drop your iPhone right now because you will not get the parts of this phone right now.

And according to the latest rumours from the apple company is that mark Gurman has sent an official memo to his staff waring worldwide about the shortage of replacement of iPhones. so there will be impact whoever drops their phone.

 “The company recently told technical support staff at stores that replacement iPhones for heavily damaged devices will be in short supply for as long as two to four weeks, according to Apple Store employees,”  and some apple store has already warned about the storage of the devices who were told that not to discuss the private information. While far from the fault of Apple, the announcement that Apple is struggling to manufacture enough iPhones to replace damaged models under warranty raises serious questions about its ability to launch this month's new iPhone 9 budget. Earlier today, Ming-Chi Kuo, an acclaimed Apple insider, said he assumed that iPhone output would be hit hard enough to affect Apple's Q2 earnings too. and it also said that it will also delay the launch time of the iPhone 12.

and this is all happening because of the coronavirus and it has affected the supply of iPhone worldwide and it will affect the revenue worldwide Gurman says Apple employees have been advised to inform customers that they can mail their replacement iPhones to them, and if necessary the store will issue loan devices. All of which could not have occurred to Apple at a worse time. The iPhone 9 is shaping up to be the power-packed mini iPhone many users have long wanted, while reports suggest the iPhone 12 will be a major step forward. Highlights of this upcoming flagship include a 3D long-range camera, new high refresh rate displays using Samsung's next-gen OLED screens, both larger and smaller, screen sizes.

A shockingly quick A14 chipset, 5 G with Apple-designed antennas and even a possible fingerprint recognition return alongside Face ID due to the Touch ID in-display. Topping it all off, Apple looks set to beat competitors with more affordable price points so the only problem is when you're actually going to be able to buy one. Whatever you do in the meantime don't lose your new iPhone.

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