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New Ambiet mode in upcoming one plus devices for better and tech lifestyle

New Ambient mode in upcoming one plus devices 
for better and tech lifestyle

A small company which has challenged the bigger companies in the market that is one plus and its already on the top alongside Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy Phones. It is a Chinese company established in 2013. But the qualities of  One Plus smartphones they prepare is very unique and popular they may have come late but they have created a bigger name and fame than other companies and had broken the records of other companies. One Plus keeps coming with new surprises and more updates to keep the new phones so people will buy them even more.
And this time also they have created new Android software for the one plus user they had just revealed it's partnered with Google to introduce one of the new Assistant features to all of its smartphones, beginning with OnePlus 3. The new feature is called Ambient Mode and makes smart displays for OnePlus phones. Last fall, Google launched Ambient Mode and since then it has only been available for four devices-two tablets and two smartphones: Lenovo Smart Tab M8 HD, Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab, Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2. and in today's case of the android smartphone, they are available on the Oneplus smartphone. it will allow Oneplus users to access various information like on weather, agenda entertainment, reminders, and many more as well and they also help to control other devices of your home like speakers and lights etc.

As we mentioned earlier, the ambient mode will turn your One plus phone into the new smartphone and smart display to use it and for this new feature you just have to wait nearly one week and it will soon available on your smartphone devices.

Overall let's see how its work and how much it will be gonna helpful in our day to day lifestyle.let's see the below video for more clarification 

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