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Everything which we know about 2020 iPad pro so far.

Everything Which We Know About 2020 iPad pro so far.

Apple company is going to launch its new brand new iPad in the market along with the smart features.
 In the year 2019, they have focused on the software updates and in the year 2020, they are focusing double down there own augmented reality efforts and more. 
In autumn 2018, the iPad Pro was radically overhauled with a new design highlighted by an edge-to-edge monitor and support for Face ID. After that update, in 2019 Apple concentrated on the iPad app, releasing the first-ever iPad version. Leaks this year say that Apple has yet again plans for new iPad Pro hardware
According to leaked OnLeaks drawings, which have correctly leaked prototypes from previous iPhone and iPad versions, the iPad Pro is unlikely to make any major design changes. The iPad Pro design introduced in 2018 still feels incredibly new, especially compared to the rest of the iPad lineup. One report suggested that Apple is preparing to turn to mini-LED technology at least the 12.9-inch iPad Pro which would enable Apple to make the tablet lighter and thinner. Nonetheless, this move seems unlikely to manifest with the forthcoming iPad Pro refresh. That being said, this year there will be one major change to the back of the iPad Pro: a new camera system with triple-lens.

The biggest difference between the previous iPad and this is expected to be a new triple-lens camera setup on the back and this would improve the quality and performance of the camera and it will be the same module of the camera Apple uses in the iPhone 11pro. Ming-chi Kuo The Most Accurate Apple Analyst in the World "Has said that the iPad Pro will also sport a new time of flight 3D sensor as well, which would bring improved augmented reality and depth perception features. These sort of sensors enable a wide range of new augmented reality applications as they provide much higher-fidelity 3D photo captures than Apple’s current technology".
In iPad 2018 that have used A12X Bionic processor but as 2020 refresh they might be using a new processor of iPhone 11. And we all are hoping for the 5G enabled iPad pro-2020.

Smart keyboard
For this iPad pro-2020, they are planning to make a new smart keyboard. an update came up about smart keyboard folio could go a long way in helping make the iPad Pro feel more"pro" especially when it faces increased competition from the likes of Brydge keyboards.
                                                                 And one rumour came that they are working on making apple pencil for the iPad pro-2020 it just the rumours lets hope it will be true?
there is not an exact date for its release date but Ming chi Kuo said to expect new iPad pro models sometime during the first half of 2020. And current iPad pro starts at $ 799 for the 11-inch model and $999 for the 12.9-inch model.

Overall, features and other quality of this iPad is good while comparing to other pad but the price rate is very high so a little bit discount is needed compulsory.
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