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fast & furious 9 how is Han still alive ?

How could be that possible Han still alive? and there are different ways so that he could alive

One of the most popular & full of an action movie is fast and furious movies and this movie first part is released in 2001 which started from the street franchise racing to a movie which is beyond the limitation, Later on, the true phenomenon began to form on the fourth film, with Fast Five taking the direction of the series even greater.

This movie timeline was done to allow Han Lee to return to Fast & Furious, Fast Five, and Fast & Furious 6 since he was killed in Tokyo Drift originally. And then, part of the story around Furious 7 involved getting justice for the death of Han by taking down Deckard Shaw from Jason Statham. Yet Vin Diesel's Dom toured Japan before that and saw Black's, Sean Boswell. After that, Sean was presumed to return to future films as it was confirmed that Black was supposed to have larger roles in The Fate of the Furious and Fast & Furious9 (officially called F9). He's back in this one while he didn't come back for the previous film. And according to Gamespot 14 ways he could be alive are as follows.

And the ways are:-
1. Maybe Han is a Robot
This will sound strange but what if it's not Han at all? What is a robot designed to look like Han? How is that more ridiculous than anything else in these movies that has happened? Or maybe Han was a full-time robot, so after he "died," In reality, he's only been patched and this whole time he's been off doing something else.

2. "Black superman" treatment of Hobbs & Saw
If he's not a robot, he might have survived thanks to the kind of cybernetic implants that Hobbs & Shaw's antagonist Brixton Lore (Idris Elba) used to transform him into "Black Superman." Perhaps this enhanced version of Han is virtually indestructible.

3. He could be the villain secretly
There was plenty of speculation when Hobbs & Shaw hit theaters that Han was the mysterious director behind Eton, the super-creepy evil organization that created the enhanced Brixton. What if Han is not just behind this, but all the evil from all over the Fast Saga? Han could be the biggest movie villain of all time.

4. Maybe he was never dead actually
this could be entirely possible that he never died. because of the Dom and his family practically a superhero family at this point. So here one question arises that who did Dom and the crew bury at the funeral held for Han in Furious 7?

5. He could be the brother of Han
In the f9 movie, John Cena plays the role of Dom lost brother so that could be possible that he is the brother of Han.

6. This Han could be from another earth in the multiverse
 If we have been told by the Arrow-verse, it's that there are several piles of earth out there, each with their own set of characters. That's pretty much a fact now, right? What if in fact, this Han is from Fast & Furious Earth-2? The big question now is whether he traveled through some sort of portal here or if all the earth were merged in some sort of crisis we'll learn more about it in Fast & Furious 10.

7. Han could be Palpatine like the overlord of the galaxy
Honestly, if only that's how the movie opens with a crawl that says, "THE DEAD SPEAK..."
                                                                                                                                                        But then, who's the King of fast 9? Was Dom? Was Kylo Ren a new character for John Cena? Will Cena turn his back on Han's Palpatine at the end to kiss Dom then die? No, that would be ridiculous. That's the kind of thing they'd save for the tenth movie in the franchise.

8. The god of cars maybe reincarnated him into another Han body
Han's death in Tokyo Drift was unwarranted, unfair and the most horrific moment, apart from Bow Wow selling random objects in Japan's streets. Han's spirit, however, ascended to the heavens upon his death, and he gazed at the God of Cars and NOS. The deity looked down at Han, grabbing some bagged chips and saying, "Your time on Earth is not over. You have to go back and show the world how to make snacking look effortless. "Han returned to his body — which had been put back together magically — and that was it. Han had superpowers now, too.

9. Han could be the god of cars so he can't be killed
We have already identified that the God of Cars within the Furiousverse is entirely canonical. So it makes sense that Han may actually be the embodiment of that god but sent to Earth to show people how to properly drift. When Shaw blew up his car at the end of Tokyo Drift— which happens after Fast & Furious 6--Han traversed the astral plane, with his body, And then, after the dust had settled, returned to Earth.

10. he may be faked his death because he likes to eat and want peace to eat
he likes to eat which we could be seen in Tokyo drift. so he may need peace to eat food

11. Han is the physical manifestation of the speed force
This one kind of speaks for themselves. Maybe the Han we see now isn't Han but rather a Speedster version with all the Speed Force's powers. His superhero name should be Justice, in this instance. Just "fast car driving" can go as a genre until now. Might dip in the sci-fi as well.

12. Mother saw has figured out how to bring humanity back from the dead
For some reason, she has got to be back in this movie, right? What if Queenie Shaw (Hellen Mirren), Deckard and Owen's mother, found a way to resurrect bodies and restore life? Now that only promises an eventual Fast & Furious Horror movie, but it offers a fascinating explanation for the return of Han. Spoilers: She used NOS to do it.

13. Han could be the holographic Al system
Dom family is missing the Han the brother of his family so through the visual effects he could be shown in the movie.

14. Tokyo Drift and the Fast & Furious 6 mid-credit sequence were all a sight
Everyone has nightmares, including one as good as Han. While most of the Fast & Furious franchise events did occur, Tokyo Drift never did— and Deckard Shaw's murder of our favorite character did not. After this nightmare, Han found himself waking up in his own bed, and went to the bathroom to see Patrick Duffy in his shower. Duffy told him that everything was OK and Han returned to work with Dom and business. Is that making a number of plotholes? Yeah, but anyway. Han also now holds superpowers.

Overall these are the facts which prove that that's how he is still alive, it would be so interesting to see which reason behind it so he is alive in the movie.

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