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When we talk about the marvel movies we remember the different characters of the movies especially all the superheroes but the character which we are going to talk about now is nor the hero nor the proper villain but now he is going to be the villain of our superhero which is doctor strange.

According to The Illuminerdi, Mordo stands out as one of the few major villains to survive his initial encounters with the heroes in the Marvel cinematic universe. It comes largely from his previous role as an ally to Doctor Strange, but he has since been positioned to become much more of a threat to the Earth's future of magic. We can now say that within the upcoming Doctor Strange and Madness Multiverse Mordo's crusade on magic will continue in some form. Chiwetel Ejiofor has been reported to be locked to return to his former part of Mordo. Usually depicted as a bitter rival and adversary to Dr Strange in the comics, Baron Mordo was changed to a more supportive role in the first Doctor Strange. He was among the Ancient One's most devoted pupils and soon became friends with Stephen, Strange after the latter had been admitted into her classes. The often even trained all along with the film, with Mordo introducing Doctor strange to many of the MCU's magical corner ideas, weapons, and rules. The character itself was built with a great sense of respect and fear for the uncontrolled and untamed force of magic.

For this cause, even though Doctor Strange can save the world by using the Time Stone to compel Dormammu to withdraw, By the end of the film, Mordo forsakes the teachings of the Ancient One, the magic practitioners and Stephen himself. The post-credit sequence of that film even saw the former ally travel the world to take away the magic from the sorcerers, saying "I see what is wrong with the world now: too many sorcerers."

there is a no indication for the while that the Mordo will return or not for the doctor strange in the next cinematic universe  Coupled with Scarlet Witch's popularity in the upcoming film–in a role several believe will see the Avenger turn the world on in an attempt to create the truth she desires after WandaVision–a famous antagonist seemed to have little space. But now, there's evidence that the character still finds a way to bring chaos to whatever magical battle Strange finds itself in. This seems like his follow-up film will be full of obstacles to conquer, given how hard things could easily become for the character.

In overall, it will be very interesting to see the return of the Mordo as the character of the villain in  the movies are you all excited or not for the return of him 

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