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MCU spider Man will take the fight against the Venom

MCU spider Man will take the fight against the Venom

Tom Hardy's Venom similar/part will inevitably fight with the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Tom Holland's Spider-Man. To Sony, Venom was a huge success, enough to be worthy of at least one sequel that is already in the works. but many people felt a Venom franchise's storytelling potential was incredibly limited. The hero is after all strongly linked to Spider-Man, so a world like that without the web-head seems incomplete. With the characters stuck in what was called different worlds, everyone thought it was impossible for them to fight.

When the Venom movie was released in October 2018 it was said that the movie stands alone, free from links to other Marvel movies/properties. Though Sony made it clear that the Marvel movies they were planning to release were in their own world, apart from the MCU. The film itself represented that very much, not expanding its scope outside of Eddie Brock's life and those around him. Nevertheless, as shown by the Morbius teaser, there are more ties between the MCU and the Marvel Universe of Sony, where Venom is based than originally thought but the Morbius not.
The trailer video raised a lot of questions for viewers. Michael Keaton's Vulture's presence, first seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, an MCU movie, has turned heads. The cameo coincided with an image of Spider-Man with the word "murderer" written on it, which refers to Spider-Man's activitiesSpider-Man: Far From Home has created a lot of news around the movie too. Since this means that Michael Morbius remains in the MCU at some capacity, it makes sense for Eddie Brock to do likewise. That suggests a battle between Venom and Spider-Man could occur in the upcoming time.

Venom has worked best alongside the hero since his first appearance and the spiderman is always hero, But they are two are different from each other, irrespective of what their relationship is. Sometimes Venom and Spider-Man are at odds but sometimes they form a precarious coalition to defeat a much greater threat. They've been linked for decades, from the Marvel Comics books to the big screen. It would seem like disservice for them to be divided in any capacity, and particularly to Venom. Spider-Man might stand alone, but his symbiotic nemesis can't do just the same. Eddie Brock's version of Tom Hardy can only go so far without working alongside, or against, a Peter Parker. He has just so many enemies, and for too long the anti-hero routine can not sustain the character. Venom needs to have Spider-Man as a foil to take its arc in various directions. That's not to mention the famous white spider emblem that he dons over his chest is a direct result of emulating his opponent and insulting it. In the 2018 film, which many felt made the character look unfinished, the symbol obviously leaves out. From the elements of the story to the concept, it is clear that Venom wants Spider-Man for proper functioning.

As mentioned previously, the fact that the Sony Marvel films actually take place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to light via the Morbius ' teaser. While Sony's characters are still very unlikely to appear in future MCU films (at least outside of Spider-Man 3), the events taking place in the grander universe will affect them and their standalone films. One can only assume that Venom falls into this odd situation okay since Sony would definitely want to improve all of their Marvel movies with MCU ties, let them be loose at all.

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