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'My Hero Academia 'Arrange Major Izuku Transformation

'My Hero Academia'Arrange Major Izuku Transformation.

My Hero Academia's Joint Training arc has taken a mysterious turn as Midoriya's One For All is acting much more volatile than it ever has before after he had a run in with the original wielder a few chapters back with latest chapter hints at something much larger for Midoriya as he might even tap into different aspects of the One For All power.
'My Hero Academia' Sets-Up Major Izuku Shake-Up
'My Hero Academia' Sets-Up Major Izuku Shake-Up

When fans were first introduced to the idea of One For All, All Might emphasized how it gathered the power of every single hero who wielded which before and that's why All Might was as strong as he was in his prime. Midoriya has been training to harness the power in the same way, but maybe he's been going about it in the wrong way where the Chapter 212 of the series, Midoriya's berserk One For All explosion quells and Midoriya meets another previous user of the power.

'My Hero Academia' Arrange Major Izuku Transformation

The new hero with  hilariously reminds fans of popular comic book hero Hellboy, says that Midoriya is "not alone" and  Midoriya for using the power "casually" and "all distracted." Which means that there's an aspect of the One For All quirk that Midoriya still hasn't tapped into that  dream he has meeting another Vestige implies that each of the previous wielders are still residing in One For All. .

This idea was hinted at as early as the Sports Festival arc when they helped Midoriya free himself from Shinso's brainwashing, but this latest development suggests that the previous wielders can have a much more direct influence on how Midoriya uses his quirk. This also implies that the bizarre lightning explosion was just another manifestation of his power
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