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Dragon Ball Super' Unveil considerable Super Saiyan Power Cause Change

Dragon Ball Super' Unveil  Considerable Super Saiyan Power Cause Change

The latest episode of the Dragon Ball Super English Dub threw in the big twist of alter Universe 7's team, hours before the Tournament of Power was set to start. The team was counting on the power of Fat Buu to be one of their bedrocks  but the big guy dashed all of those hopes, when he unexpectedly entered one of his long slumbers.

Dragon Ball Super' Unveil   considerable Super Saiyan Power Cause Change
Dragon Ball Super' Unveil   considerable Super Saiyan Power Cause Change
While Universe 7 struggle to find an alternate, we got to see what some of the other Universes in the Tournament of Power are doing to prepare - including the Saiyans of Universe 6, who are working on a major new strategy to give them an edge: mastering the Super Saiyan transformation.

A State Of Emergency which Failed To Reach Ten Members!" brings back Cabba of Universe 6, who has ventured out to meet with Caulifla, a rambunkshus young female Saiyan who runs her own gang. Cabba wants to recruit Caulifla for his ToP team but needless to say, she's not all that interested with giving up her unsavory ways  until Cabba provides her with an incentive Caulifla can't refuse: more power.

According to Cabba, the way to access Super Saiyan involves focusing "all of my power right here in the middle of my back.f you want to do it, something I'm guessing you've never experienced before." This explanation seems to do the trick, as Caulifla is able to manifest Super Saiyan quickly and effortlessly once she hears the "tingly back"

Cabba reveals the big secret that he learned from Vegeta in the Tournament of Destruction: how to transform into a Super Saiyan. Caulifla is mesmerized by the level of power she feels coming off of Cabba in his SSJ form, and she wants to know how to access it for herself. Cabba at first tries the classic way, by attempting to spark Caulifla's rage, so that she can transform; only problem is, she just gets annoyed rather than enraged. That's when Cabba drops an explanation of Super Saiyan power that's vastly different.

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