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Historia's News Confirms Title on Attack on Titan'

Historia's  Confirms Title  on Attack on Titan' 

Historia's News Confirms Title  on Attack on Titan'
Historia's News Confirms Title  on Attack on Titan'
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The Weeks of exposition and report of twisting, with  secrets paid off in Attack on Titan episode 45, "Outside the Walls of Orvud District. They picked up with Rod Reiss touching the tip of his tongue to a puddle of the fluid he said would turn Historia into a Titan. At the same time, most of the Levi squad finally reach Historia and Eren, only to be trapped with them in the chamber as Rod expand to an big  size.

The rightful king did not simply transform to a regular Titan, which  he became some kind of abnormal which scouts estimated that he was even larger than the Collosal Titan, but he had no control but burst out through  the ceiling of the Reiss family's underground chapel and began crawling on all fours toward the walls of the city, giving off heat all the while.

As they raced against the strange titan towards the walls, the scouts made several decisions all at once. For one thing, Eren's friends would not allow him to purposefully get eaten by the Titan, even if it meant establish  the Founding Titan's power in the Reiss line. For another, they resolved that the only other option was to kill the Titan.

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