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Black Clover' Brings Back A Major Character

Black Clover' Lead Back A Major Character 

Black Clover' Brings Back A Major Character
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Black Clover Manga  is currently in middle of its most intense, action-packed arc of the series yet, and now it's had another major event that shakes up the series going forward which major character has returned, from being in a deathly coma for several arcs, at the end of the latest chapter and is already making big moves.

In the latest arc of the series, the Elves have reincarnated their souls into the bodies of several Magic Knights. This includes the Vice-Captain of the Crimson Lion squad, and when Leopold and  the resulting mana fluctuations awaken the former captain, FuegoleonVermillion. Fuegoleon has been out of commission since the Eye of the Midnight Sun first attacked the Clover Kingdom during the Royal Capital arc, and he was taken by surprise by Licht's power. His arm  completely been blown away, and the attack had left him in a coma ever since then. 

But with his younger brother Leo and the other Crimson Lions fighting for their life, this ensuing manga helps Fuegoleon wake up. He re-appears at the end of the series after his home is completely engulfed in his magical flame mana. With this, he appears at the end of the chapter with a newfound power as he known apparently carries the Salamander spirit and his missing arm has been compensated for with an arm entirely was made of flame.

Fuegoleon's true abilities have never quite been seen in the series before, so fans are now on the edge of their seats in order to see just how much power the former captain of the Crimson Lion squad. 

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