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Attack on Titan' Taunt its Big Basement unfold

Attack on Titan' Taunt  its Big Basement unfold 

Attack on Titan' Taunt  its Big Basement unfold
Attack on Titan' Taunt  its Big Basement unfold
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Attack on Titan' has been unfold one big mystery after another  as third season outhouse  more light this series' but one question remain on everyone mind is that what in Eren Basement??? Now we know Eren has overcome a new titan power,the unfold of the what's on basement is being taunt even more as the Eren and other member plan to retake Wall Maria.

In the latest episode, Eren has overcome the use of hardening Titan ability when he and rest of Survey Crops are Pinned under huge New Titans Rod Resiss has turn into. With this new ability other realize
that they can now plug into hole left in Wall Maria from the previous Attack. Once Wall Maria mark,Eren can use their opportunity to get into Eren Basement with the key that his father left behind it.

There is no currently telling what lies in Basement which has been more penetrating mysteries for whole these series which is now Survey Crops goal to figure out what's in there & mysterious also grow ever since Eren Learned a disturbing truth about  his father.

Not only did he remember that his father was the one who gave him the Power of the Titans in the first place and that he ate his own father when he transformed for the first time  but his father also carried the Power of the Titans beforehand as well.

But the more shocking  bit came from the fact that Eren learned that his father once used his power to wipe put the rest of the Reiss family as well. It's why Rod Reiss now holds a hatred against Eren, and perhaps what was left in the basement place will  give a Trace as to why Eren's father felt like he needed to kill them in the first place 
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