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Sample Application for Schengen Visa | Europe

Sample Application for Schengen Visa | Europe  

Sample Application for Schengen Visa | Europe

The Consular
Embassy of Federal State of Germany
Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu

Application for Schengen Visa

Respected sir / Madam

I am Prakash Mishrra , permanent resident of Garamani-04, Garamani, Jhapa. I am invited to Austria by Mrs Karin Zohmann of Graz,  Austria . So I would like to get a Schengen Visa to visit Austria from 14th June to 30th August.
Sir /Madam
I work as a German speaking Trekking Guide since September 2013. While working as a Trekking Guide, I met Karin Zohmann on september 2014, since then we have been close friends till now. We have done 3 Trekking together. I helped her to explore Nepali Food, Culture, Tradition and the Himalayas. She is impressed with me. So she wants to return me the favor by giving an opportunity to explore the culture tradition and language of Austria.  While working with German speaking guests, I have heard about the natural beauty, systematic cities, and tasty foods of Europe a lot. I want to experience them with my own eyes. I also hope to learn German language, the mentality, the human behavior and life style of the peoples  so that I can treat them better and make them happier while leading them on the trips in Himalaya .
 I love being a trekking guide and always want to better myself in my profession.  While my time in Austria I want to learn and experience as much as I can and seeing with my own eyes and living in the environment is the best way to learn and experience. The knowledge I gain in my visit of Austria will help me enhance my carrier. 
I promise to stay in Austria only till 30th august and return back to Nepal.
Hope to get a visa as soon as possible.

Prakash Mishra

Schengen visa Applicant

Hope this sample application for Schengen Visa will help you.

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