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How to attest our document in Nepal to apply for the International University

How to attest our document in Nepal to apply for the International University

Normally we need to attest our document to study abroad to verify that our documents are authentic and not fake. There is a process to attest our document which normally varies from the country you are applying to but normally these two steps are applicable in almost all the countries.
Attesting the document varies from the requirement of the country. Some countries ask for the attested xerox copies of the document, some ask for the attested copies of our document and some countries ask for the attested original copies of the document.

How to attest our document in Nepal to apply for the International University

Normally the documents which we get after our result are just the copy of our original documents from the government itself. If the country that we are applying for ask us for the original documents then we need to ask the related educational Office for the original documents. For this the required documents will be:

Things you need to attest Documents for Abroad Studies in International University

1.       Citizenship of the person
2.       Voucher of NRs. 2000-3000 paid as per the document
3.       Xerox copies of the documents from the starting level like from S.L.C to our acquired level.
4.       All the original copies that we are provided.

All the educational office that we need to go are according to our level are in different place. Like S.L.C Board, HSEB Board and TU Board are in different places. But the S.L.C Board and H.S.E.B Board are nearby in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. Likewise T.U. Board is in different place i.e. is Balkhu. While going to the Board office, we must always be foremost prepare all the documents that are required and reach the office in the morning hour 10 am so that our work will be done in time.

Different Process attesting Documents for University Studies

S.L.C Board
The process in this Board is not much hard. Here we need to go to the related counter and ask them to attest our original document of S.L.C and the provisional certificate. The cost for attesting the original document or attesting the 3 xerox copies of the document is same that is NRs. 500. Then we are ask to leave original or Xerox copies for few hours might be 2-3 hours for them to check if the documents are original or not. After few hours they will confirm that our documents are authentic and give our documents back with their official stamp and the officer’s signature.

The process in this Board is also not much complex. There is a counter just outside the building of the officer where we are required to pay according to our work. For the sake of attesting our document they charge us NRs.300 for attesting our original or 2 set Xerox copies of the Transcript and Provisional document. After our payment we are asked to got the related counter. If there is enough time, we are ask to come after 2-3 hours for the process of the documents otherwise for the next day.

 T.U Board
T.U. has the longest process among all the other boards. Since this holds most of the higher level course like Bachelor, Masters, Ph. D and more so the building is quiet big and sections are separated. First of you need to reach the office in the morning hour 10 am if you want to finish your work in one day. First things first you have to make a voucher (i.e. cash payment as per our work). For attesting a xerox copy they charge Rs. 50 per page for attesting a single Xerox copy, likewise more for attesting the original copy and NRs.2000-3000 for original document. After we get the bank voucher of payment, we need to again change the bank voucher into the university cash voucher by going in the counter 1 where they change our voucher as well as check the required document and the application for our work. Then we are asked to go to the counter as per the department and the works done by each department. Each counter has long lines so completing a work might take 1-2 days. Attesting the Xerox copies are normally done fast but having the original document might take 15 days or more likewise attesting the copy documents also might take more time them attesting Xerox copies.
While going for attesting the document one should take time out for the day or two and must be patient.

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