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Kim Kardashian Criticized for Putting 5-Year-Old Son Psalm on 'Dangerous' ATV: 'Be Careful'

Kim Kardashian Criticized for Putting 5-Year-Old Son Psalm on 'Dangerous' ATV: 'Be Careful'

Kim Kardashian Criticized for Putting 5-Year-Old Son Psalm on 'Dangerous' ATV: 'Be Careful'
Kim Kardashian Criticized for Putting 5-Year-Old Son Psalm on 'Dangerous' ATV: 'Be Careful'
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Another day, another controversy for the Kardashians! Kim Kardashian has recently faced backlash after sharing a throwback picture of her now five-year-old son, Psalm, on an ATV. 

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Many fans deemed the activity "dangerous" for such a young child. On June 13th, the 43-year-old mom-of-four posted some throwback pictures of her six-year-old daughter Chicago and five-year-old son Psalm to her 362 million Instagram followers, captioning the post: “So small.” It was the first picture of Psalm that sparked a significant reaction in the comments section. 

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Although Kim didn’t specify where the pictures were taken, it's believed they were from Wyoming, where she and ex-husband Kanye West owned a multi-million-dollar ranch. In the controversial photo, a very young-looking Psalm can be seen sitting in an ATV and posing for the camera. The subsequent pictures featured Chicago and Psalm smiling while eating popsicles. 

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While most comments were positive, with fans calling the pictures "adorable" and "the cutest," several followers expressed concern about Psalm sitting in the vehicle alone. One concerned fan commented, "I know kids grow up fast, but I don't know if he's grown enough to be in a dangerous vehicle like this! Be careful, mama!" Another fan insisted, "Helmet please," highlighting the perceived safety risk.

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Despite the criticism, some fans came to Kim's defense, arguing that the situation was harmless. One person commented on a Daily Mail TikTok video, "He ain't doing jumps with it." Another added, "You guys got to chill. I was driving four-wheelers when I was 5/6." A different user remarked, "He's just sitting… relax, morons." Another TikTok user pointed out the irony, saying, "What's funny is I bet most people who let their kids on ATVs at that age hate the Kardashians. So this will probably be the only time they'll agree on something. The kid is fine!"

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The incident has sparked a debate on social media about parenting choices and the appropriate age for children to engage in certain activities. While some argue for stricter safety measures, others believe in giving children the freedom to experience such activities under supervision. Regardless of the differing opinions, the picture has undoubtedly drawn significant attention and discussion.

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