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Kanye West and son Saint, 7, Have Father-Son Day Enjoying Genoa vs AC Milan soccer game in Italy

Kanye West and son Saint, 7, Have Father-Son Day Enjoying Genoa vs AC Milan soccer game in Italy

Kanye West, accompanied by his eldest son Saint West, enjoyed a soccer match between Genoa and AC Milan in Italy, where the rapper's recent legal marriage to Bianca Censori was confirmed. 

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The proud father of four was seen with a smile on his face as he and seven-year-old Saint watched the game from a luxurious box. Kanye, wearing his signature black ensemble, including a black t-shirt, pants, and jacket with the hood pulled up, appeared engrossed in the match. Saint sported a blue and white New York Yankees top and stood next to his father, showing genuine interest in the game.

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The duo seemed to relish each other's company while attending the match as guests of the home club. Before kickoff, Kanye was warmly greeted by Genoa executives and presented with his own jersey. The match ended with a thrilling 1-0 victory for Milan, marked by intense moments on the field, including two players being sent off in stoppage time and French striker Olivier Giroud stepping in as the makeshift goalkeeper.

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Interestingly, there were initial speculations that Kanye's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, was also present at the game when pictures surfaced of a customized Milan jersey with her name on it. However, it was revealed that the USA Men's National Soccer Team player Christian Pulisic had sent the jersey to Kanye's ex-wife as a gesture, considering he plays for Milan during the off-season.

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Kanye has been residing in Italy for several months with his wife, Bianca Censori. Reports have emerged about the rapper imposing strict rules on Bianca, including dictating her diet and wardrobe choices. Sources close to the Australian architect claim that Kanye has persuaded her that they hold "royal" status, leading her to obey his every command, from what she can say to what she should wear and eat.

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Concerns have arisen among Bianca's friends, who have been attempting to reach out to her. However, she has reportedly shut everyone out and dismissed their concerns as jealousy, claiming that her friends are envious of her fame. Friends express deep worry, stating that this behavior is entirely out of character for Bianca, known for her outspoken and lively personality.

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Kanye's public appearance at the soccer match sheds light on his current life in Italy and the complexities surrounding his relationship with Bianca, leaving many questioning the nature of their dynamic and its impact on those around them.

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