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Scott Disick spends quality time with his children Mason & Penelope sharing a cute Selfie

Scott Disick spends quality time with his children Mason & Penelope sharing a cute Selfie

Scott Disick spends quality time with his children Mason & Penelope sharing a cute Selfie
Scott Disick spends quality time with his children Mason & Penelope sharing a cute Selfie
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Scott Disick, renowned for his presence on reality television, is taking valuable moments to connect with his beloved children, Penelope and Mason Disick. 

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The 40-year-old star recently shared glimpses of these cherished interactions on his Instagram account, showcasing his strong bond with his eldest kids, Penelope Scotland and Mason Dash. Disick, who shares Penelope, Mason, and Reign Aston Disick, aged 8, with his former partner Kourtney Kardashian Barker, 44, offered a heartwarming glimpse into his fatherly role. 

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In a snapshot shared on Instagram, he and Penelope, 11, were captured mid-flight, playfully flashing peace signs while dressed in matching black sweats. The accompanying caption, "Just me and P," affectionately referenced his endearing nickname for Penelope. Their stylish journey seemed evident, as the duo occupied luxurious cream seats against the backdrop of an inviting cream couch, exuding both comfort and elegance.

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Another image on Disick's Instagram Story unveiled an adventure that he embarked upon with Mason, 13. The photo showcased two dirt bikes on a scenic, paved road nestled within a woodland area. The accompanying caption, "Lil ridin with mason," painted a picture of a father-son escapade in the great outdoors, fostering shared memories against the backdrop of nature's beauty.

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In a prior month, Disick celebrated Penelope's 11th birthday in style, sharing the festivities with his followers. The Instagram post captured a display of vibrant pink balloons, forming the words "Happy Birthday P," exuding a festive spirit. His accompanying words, "Go peep it's your birthday," radiated paternal pride and joy. The celebration extended to his Instagram Story, where he showcased Penelope and her friends delighting in a massive garden water slide, crafting an atmosphere of exuberant fun and carefree laughter.

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Continuing this candid depiction of fatherhood, Disick shared a video where Penelope bravely attempted to conquer a mechanical bull, only to experience a quick slip. His caption, "Not so easy," added a touch of light-heartedness to the moment. The display of their bond didn't end there. In an endearing snapshot, Disick was captured planting a loving kiss on Penelope's forehead as they prepared to share a meal together. His words, "I love my little 🥟❤️," conveyed a deep affection that resonated beyond the photograph.

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This strong connection was further exemplified on Father's Day earlier this year. Disick commemorated the occasion by sharing glimpses of his kids' adventures. A photograph depicted Penelope confidently riding a dirt bike, accompanied by the simple yet heartwarming caption, "My girl." Additionally, a sweet portrayal of Reign, captured in a moment of contemplation during a shared meal, further illustrated the meaningful role Disick plays in his children's lives.

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Through his Instagram posts, Scott Disick invites the world to witness his treasured moments as a devoted father. The images and captions reveal a man who embraces fatherhood with love, fun, and a deep sense of connection with his children, creating lasting memories that undoubtedly shape their lives.

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